The Evolution of Man


Author: Ernst Haeckel
Translated by Joseph McCabe

Series: Human Evolution, Biological and Cultural Domains
BISAC: SOC002020

The Evolution of Man provides a perspective on how life can start and evolve from a simple elemental form. This book will be of interest to those interested in the history and development of evolutionary science.

Table of Contents


List of Illustrations
Translator’s Preface
Haeckel’s Classification of the Animal World
Chapter 1 The Fundamental Law of Organic Evolution
Chapter 2 The Older Embryology
Chapter 3 Modern Embryology
Chapter 4 The Older Phylogeny
Chapter 5 The Modern Science of Evolution
Chapter 6 The Ovum and the Amœba
Chapter 7 Conception
Chapter 8 The Gastræa Theory
Chapter 9 The Gastrulation of the Vertebrate
Chapter 10 The Cœlom Theory
Chapter 11 The Vertebrate Character of Man
Chapter 12 Embryonic Shield and Germinative Area
Chapter 13 Dorsal Body and Ventral Body
Chapter 14 The Articulation of the Body
Chapter 15 Fœtal Membranes and Circulation
Chapter 16 Structure of the Lancelet and the Sea-Squirt
Chapter 17 Embryology of the Lancelet and the Sea-Squirt
Chapter 18 Duration of the History of Our Stem
Chapter 19 Our Protist Ancestors
Chapter 20 Our Worm-Like Ancestors
Chapter 21 Our Fish-Like Ancestors
Chapter 22 Our Five-Toed Ancestors
Chapter 23 Our Ape Ancestors
Chapter 24 Evolution of the Nervous System
Chapter 25 Evolution of the Sense-Organs
Chapter 26 Evolution of the Organs of Movement
Chapter 27 The Evolution of the Alimentary System
Chapter 28 Evolution of the Vascular System
Chapter 29 Evolution of the Sexual Organs
Chapter 30 Results of Anthropogeny

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