Open Access

What is Open Access?

Open Access is the free, unrestricted online access to chapters, articles or scholarly books to Read, Open and Share

    • Covering all Scientific Disciplines
    • Covers both Journals and Books (monographs, edited collections, encyclopedias, and conference proceedings)

What are the Benefits to Open Access?

√ Increased visibility
√ Immediate online access
√ Accelerated science
√ Quick Dissemination
√ Peer Review is still possible

Open Access Models that NOVA Offers

  • Gold Open Access – Chapters are Freely Available. Chapters are accessible immediately when they are published.

  • Standard Open Access – Chapters are made Freely Available after six months.

If you are interested in the choices listed above, please contact Gary Garafola at

Nova’s Policy for Self-Archiving: Self-archiving of proofed chapters and articles can be posted on the author’s website free of charge six months after publication. For Subject and Institutional Repositories, proofed chapters and articles can be uploaded 12 months after publication. This is also free of charge.