What is Open Access?

Open Access is the free, unrestricted online access to scholarly research

  • NOVA is a Publisher of Open Access Journals, Books and Chapters
  • Covering all Scientific Disciplines
  • And all types of Books (monographs, edited collections, encyclopedias, and conference proceeding

Open Access Models that NOVA Offers

  • Gold Open Access – Article is Freely Available from our Website
  • Full Open Access – Whole Journal or Book is published Open Access
  • Green Open Access – Self-Archiving of Author Manuscript on Author website, institutional or subject-based repository.
  • Delayed Open Access – Articles are made Freely Available to Non-Subscribers after a certain Period (typically after 12 or 24 months)’

What are the Benefits to Open Access?

  √ Increased visibility
√ Immediate online access
√ Accelerated science
√ Quick Dissemination
√ Peer Review is still possible