Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Shipping Charges so expensive?

Shipping rates have unfortunately increased over time due to inflation and increased labor and material costs. The COVID-19 pandemic also disrupted the US and global supply chain in multiple ways, causing shipping costs to rise exponentially. Starting on January 21st 2024, the USPS shipping prices also increased.

I would like to contribute to one of your forthcoming books. Whom should I email regarding my topic proposal?

Please email You may also fill out our Book Idea Form or, if you would like to submit a chapter, our Abstract Submission Form.

What discount do I get as an author when ordering books?

Authors and Editors receive a 30% prepublication discount. Once the book is published, authors receive a 20% post-publication discount. Please contact if you have not received the promotional code(s) for your book.

When do I send the Copyright Transfer Form?

Please send your Copyright Transfer Form along with your chapter or book submission.

To which address do I submit my abstract or chapter submission?

If you received an invitation from us, please submit your abstract or chapter to You can also use our online form.

Does NOVA ship worldwide?

NOVA ships to all countries, excluding:

1. Afghanistan
2. Belarus
3. Bhutan
4. Brunei
5. Chad
6. Cuba
7. Laos
8. Libya
9. Mongolia
10. The Russian Federation (due to conflict in the region)
11. South Sudan
12. Syrian Arab Republic
13. Timor-Leste
14. Turkmenistan
15. Yemen

Are NOVA’s authors and researchers assigned ORCID IDs?

Nova’s authors and editors provide their ORCID IDs when they submit their book for publication. This unique ID helps distinguish an author from every other researcher with the same or a similar name. Nova assigns the ORCID ID when it is created and also adds it to their book’s listing on their website, as well as on their Author/Editor pages.

See below for an example of some of the books that have an ORCID ID:



How do I get permission to translate a book?

Please email Please include:

1. The title of the book
2. The language in which the book will be translated
3. The number of copies expected to be published
4. The price at which the copies will be sold

Thank you.

What is NOVA’s preferred style guide?

Chicago Manual Style is our preferred style but we do accept other styles.

How many free copies am I entitled to as an Author/Editor?

Book editors/authors are each entitled and will receive free access to electronic versions of their book(s). Depending on the contract, the Editor/Author may also be entitled to free print copies. Please check the contract to determine if you are entitled to free print copies. Thank you.

Cannot find what you are looking for on this page, email us here: