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About Us

We are a full service publishing house, a portal of knowledge, with over three decades of excellence and towering presence as a publishing company. Our publishing services include Science Books, Journals, eBooks, and Series Publications. At NOVA, our reputation stems from our association with the most famous and respected authors and experts from the academic community. Our roots as pioneering STM publishers of science books, journals and series from authors who influence academics and the intelligentsia has helped us to diversify into eBooks.

As trusted publishers, we at NOVA have remained at the forefront as a company that embraces the best practices and technology to deliver better science books, journals, series and eBooks of the best authors. Our foray into the exciting world of online publications was a seamless and natural integration, an extension of our vision to bring the best science books, journals, eBooks and series from authors who mattered.

As we continue to cross milestones with new discoveries, our commitment to standards has remained unchanged from the day of inception thirty two years ago. We, at NOVA publishers are proud of our association with the best authors, our success in the domain as a respected company and the knowledge that we are facilitators for readers to acquire accurate and clearly presented information.