Social Issues Research Summaries (with Biographical Sketches). Volume 2


Lewis D. Wilson (Editor)

Series: Social Issues, Justice and Status
BISAC: SOC024000

This new book compiles research summaries of top professionals in the field of social issues research from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I Researcher Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1 Rubens de Camargo Ferreira Adorno

Chapter 2 Mercedes Alcañiz

Chapter 3 Michael E. Antonio

Chapter 4 Jennifer Lynn Bryan

Chapter 5 Maritza Concha

Chapter 6 David Cosio, PhD

Chapter 7 Amanda H. Costello, PhD

Chapter 8 Paweł Ćwikła

Chapter 9 Oana Alexandra David

Chapter 10 Brittany Davis, PhD

Chapter 11 Laila El Amrani

Chapter 12 Eduardo Fonseca Pedrero

Chapter 13 Dawn W. Foster

Chapter 14 Anita Gibbs

Chapter 15 Pnina Golan-Cook, PhD

Chapter 16 Keith Goldstein

Chapter 17 Andrea Gutiérrez García

Chapter 18 Junaid Hassim

Chapter 19 Hong Ngoc Truong

Chapter 20 Roxanne M Hughes

Chapter 21 Kwang-Kuo Hwang

Chapter 22 Bob Johnson

Part II Research Summaries

Chapter 23 Understanding Elderly Poverty in the United States: Towards Informed Policy
Mary Borrowman and Teresa Ghilarducci

Chapter 24 The Development and Reforms of the Social Security System in Taiwan: Issues, Challenges and Perspectives
Hung-Yang Lin and Ming-Cheng Kuo

Chapter 25 Social Security Systems in Eastern and Southern Africa: Issues, Challenges and Prospects
Jotham Dhemba

Chapter 26 Social Security at a Crossroads on Social Security’s Ability to Cope with Future Challenges
Norman Wagner

Chapter 27 The Role of Fathers during Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes
Angela Milton Miller and Carol J. Hogue

Chapter 28 African American Families in Kinship Care
Marian S. Harris

Chapter 29 Introducing Strengths of African American Families into the Therapy Setting
LaVerne Bell-Tolliver

Chapter 30 Parental Socialization in Response to Racism: Implications for Family Health
Ciara Smalls-Glover, Justin L. Williams, Allana Zuckerman and Dominique Thomas

Chapter 31 Theory-Based Strategies to Reduce Drop-Out Rates of Parent Groups for Low-Income and Black Mothers: Families and Schools Together (FAST)
Lynn McDonald, PhD

Chapter 32 Between Two Worlds: Resilient African American Adolescent Males Navigating Community Violence
Desmond Upton Patton, PhD, MSW

Chapter 33 Body Image and Body Dissatisfaction in Ethnic Men
Lisa Kilpela, Noga Zerubavel, Andrea Hobkirk, Miriam Feliu, Sapna Doshi, Keisha-Gaye N. O’Garo, Jay Trambadia, Abigail Keys, LaBarron K. Hill, Mary Wood, Kai Morgan, Keith E. Whitfield, Martin Binks, John J. Sollers, III and Christopher L. Edwards

Chapter 34 Intimate Partner Problems: Differentiating African American and Caucasian Suicide
Steven Stack

Chapter 35 Can Patient-Physician Race Concordance Improve Health Outcomes for African-American HIV Patients? Evidence, Insights, and Implications
Khary K. Rigg and George Wilson

Chapter 36 The Perspectives of African American Men on HIV Transmission and Concurrency and their Impact on Family Dynamic Perceptions
Kimberly A. Parker and Paula M. Frew

Chapter 37 The Malthusian Century
Charles T. Stewart, Jr.

Chapter 38 “Intercultural City Identity” and “Human Intercultural Cities” (H.I.C.): A Dynamic Ontological Model for the Social Co-Existence and Social Cohesion of Modern and Post-Modern Cities
Eugenia P. Bitsani

Chapter 39 Well-Being and Sexual Minority Workers: Directions for Social Welfare Policy and Practice
Trevor G. Gates

Chapter 40 Social Choice Analysis: Theoretical and Empirical
Wulf Gaertner

Chapter 41 Conditions for the Benefit from and Need for Social Welfare in Hong Kong
Chau-kiu Cheung

Chapter 42 Safety Net Reconstruction: Reform and Development of Social Assistance in China
Haomiao Zhang

Chapter 43 Government Preference, Import Tariffs and Social Welfare
Leonard F. S. Wang, Jen-yao Lee and Angela C. Chao

Chapter 44 Social Safety Nets Reloaded: An Analysis of the Second Generation Safety Nets in Africa
Horman Chitonge

Chapter 45 Social Work As a Profession: Made Insecure by Its Own History and Abraham Flexner?
Nicolay Gausel

Chapter 46 Chinese Strategies on Juvenile Delinquency and Correctional Social Work: Development and Practice
Xue Weng

Chapter 47 Social Work Interventions at Different Stages of Disaster Illustrated by Asian Experiences
Wong H. C. Johnston

Chapter 48 Tactics Employed in Supervisory Conflicts: A Case Study from the Social Work Education in Hong Kong, China
Kathy Kam-ping Leung

Chapter 49 Social Work Education across Borders: Multiple Layers of Conceptualisation
Kerry Brydon

Chapter 50 Personal and Professional Boundaries in Bi-Cultural Social Work Practice: An Australian Study
Robyn Mason, PhD, Raeleene Gregory, PhD and Jasmina Bajraktarevic-Hayward, BSW

Chapter 51 Social Work in Residential Care Facilities for Older People As a Protagonist of Changes in Community Care for the Older People in Slovenia
Jana Mali

Chapter 52 Social Work, Spirituality and the Indigenisation Discourse
Morena J. Rankopo

Chapter 53 Social Work and Grief in the Workplace: Perspectives from a Developing Country
Cornelia Drenth and Jeanette Theron

Chapter 54 Social Work Practice and Education in Africa: Trends, Issues and Challenges
Jotham Dhemba

Chapter 55 Gender Identity As a Personality Process
Charlotte Tate

Chapter 56 “Who Am I Now?” Distress and Growth after Trauma
Rachel E. Wiley and Sharon E. Robinson-Kurpius

Chapter 57 The Intersection of Gender and Sexual Identity Development in a Sample of Transgender Individuals
Craig T. Nagoshi, PhD, Julie L. Nagoshi, PhD, Heather L. Peterson, MSW and Heather K. Terrell, PhD

Chapter 58 Gender Dysphoria in Adults and Adolescents As a Mental Disorder … But, What Is a Mental Disorder? A Phenomenological/Existential Analysis of a Puzzling Condition
Roberto Vitelli

Chapter 59 Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents
Davide Dèttore, Jiska Ristori and Paolo Antonelli

Chapter 60 The Genetics of Transsexualism
Rosa Fernández, PhD, Isabel Esteva, MD, Esther Gómez-Gil, MD, Teresa Rumbo, PhD, Mari Cruz Almaraz, PhD, Ester Roda, PhD, Juan-Jesús Haro-Mora, PhD, Antonio Guillamón, MD and Eduardo Pásaro, PhD

Chapter 61 Gender Identity, Culture of Honor and Gender Violence: Social and Personal Implications
Esther Lopez-Zafra, PhD and Noelia Rodríguez-Espartal, PhD

Chapter 62 Where Should Gender Identity Disorder Go? Reflections on the ICD-11 Reform
Simona Giordano

Chapter 63 Evaluating Psychobiological and Mental Distress in Transsexualism Before and After Cross-Sex Hormonal Treatment: Lesson Learned from Three Longitudinal Studies
Marco Colizzi, MD, Rosalia Costa, MD and Orlando Todarello, MD, PhD

Chapter 64 Gender Dysphoria in Minors, a Growing Phenomenon in our Society: Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of this Population in Spain
I. Esteva de Antonio, I. Prior-Sánchez, B. García-Bray, M.C. Almaraz, R. Yahyahoui, R. Fernández-García Salazar, E. Gómez-Gil and J. Martínez-Tudela

Chapter 65 Substance Use and Exposure to Violence during Childhood and Adolescence in Transsexuals
T. Bergero-Miguel, P. Paulino-Matos, J. Guzmán-Parra, Y. de Diego-Otero, N. Sánchez-Álvarez and L. Pérez-Costillas

Chapter 66 Representations of Teachers about the Relation between Physical Education Contents and Gender Identities
Fabiano Pries Devide, Juliana Pelluso Fernandes da Cunha and Sebastião Josué Votre

Chapter 67 Common Hypothetical Etiology of Excess Androgen Exposure in Female-to-Male Transsexualism and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Tsuyoshi Baba, Toshiaki Endo, Keiko Ikeda and Tsuyoshi Saito

Chapter 68 God and the Transgender Person
Trista L. Carr, PsyD and Mark A. Yarhouse, PsyD

Chapter 69 Report on TG Christians’ Milestone Events
Trista L. Carr, PsyD, Mark A. Yarhouse, PsyD and Rebecca Thomas, MA

Chapter 70 Definitions of Sustainability
Irene Voukkali, Loizia Pantelitsa and Antonis A. Zorpas

Chapter 71 Policies and Legislation
Irene Voukkali and Loizia Pantelitsa

Chapter 72 Environmental Indicators
Vassilis J. Inglezakis and Antonis A. Zorpas

Chapter 73 Psychological Aspects of Sustainability
Nikos Ilia and Katerina Giorgalla

Chapter 74 Business behind Sustainability
Antonis A. Zorpas, Irene Voukkali and Vasilis J. Inglezakis

Chapter 75 Ancient Sustainability Use of ‘the Palmeral of Elche’ and the Current Unsustainabilty: Reasons for a Sustainable Future
Encarni I. Hernández, M. T. Ferrer, Jose Navarro-Pedreño, Ignacio Melendez-Pastor and Ignacio Gómez

Chapter 76 Africa and Sustainable Development
Antonis A. Zorpas

Chapter 77 Reconciling Sustainable Development with Nature Conservation – The Natura 2000 Paradigm
Maria Zomeni

Chapter 78 Natural Vegetation As a Key to Sustainability of Agroecosystems
D. J. Bilalis, I. S. Travlos and P. Papastylianou

Chapter 79 Waste Treatment Sustainability
Muhammad H. Al-Malack and Muhammad Muhitur Rahman

Chapter 80 Energy and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)
A. Zouboulis, P. Samaras and A. Tolkou

Chapter 81 Sustainable Energy Development: Smart Grid – A Vision for the Future
Diana-Mihaela Pociovălişteanu, Janina Florenţa Popeangă and Walter Leal Filho

Chapter 82 Biogas Utilization through Anaerobic Digestion in Greece: Current Status and Future Perspectives
Avraam Karagiannidis, George Perkoulidis and Apostolos Malamakis

Chapter 83 Environmental Assessment of Composting in the Context of Sustainable Waste Management
K. Lasaridi, C. Chroni, K. Abeliotis, A. Kyriacou and A. A. Zorpas

Chapter 84 Agricultural Wastes: Protecting Soil Quality by Sustainable Disposal and Reuse in Agriculture
M. K. Doula, F. Tinivella, A. Sarris, V. Kavvadias, J. Moreno Ortego and K. Komnitsas

Chapter 85 Sustainable Supply Chains: Social Practices and Organizational Performance
Luísa Pinto, Joaquim Borges Gouveia and Luís Miguel D. F. Ferreira

Chapter 86 Sustainable Agriculture in the Pampas Region, Argentina
Silvana Irene Torri

Chapter 87 Tourism Development through Sustainability
Antonis A. Zorpas, Katia Lasaridi and Irene Voukkali

Chapter 88 Sustainable urban transport
Marios Valiantis

Chapter 89 Concrete Sustainability
Demetris Nicolaides

Chapter 90 Preventing and Ending Homelessness for Adults with Mental Health Disabilities in Ireland: Realities and Aspirations
Joe Finnerty

Chapter 91 People that Are Homeless with Mental Illnesses in Asia: Issues and Interventions
I-Ming Chen and Yi-Ling Chien

Chapter 92 Homelessness and Mental Illness in South Africa
Eleanor Ross, PhD

Chapter 93 Extreme Social Exclusion: The Case of Homeless People in Spain
Mª Rosario Sánchez Morales

Chapter 94 Interpersonal Relationships among Young Homeless People
Marie Vágnerová, Ladislav Csémy and Jakub Marek

Chapter 95 The Use of Health Information Technology for Mental Health and Chronic Disease Treatment among the Homeless
Jason C. Goldwater, MA, MP., Yael M. Harris, PhD, Juliette Jardim, MSc, Tasnuva Khan, MSc, and Leah Hoffheimer, MPH

Chapter 96 Identification of Areas with High Risk of Homelessness: Implications for Homelessness Prevention Programs
Deden Rukmana

Chapter 97 Mentally Ill, Addicted and Homeless: The Need for Integrated Models of Care for People with Multiple Issues
Richard C. Christensen, MD, MA

Chapter 98 A Transactional Model of Homelessness and Alcoholism
Colleen Clark, PhD, Blake Barrett, MSPH and M. Scott Young, PhD

Chapter 99 Application of Implementation Science for New Homeless Intervention Models
Roger Casey, PhD, Paul Smits, MSW and Colleen Clark, PhD

Chapter 100 Preble Street’s Florence House: How Research and Advocacy Made it Possible
Thomas Chalmers McLaughlin and Jon Bradley

Chapter 101 Understanding Racial Gaps in Family Shelter Entry in Hennepin County, MN
Maria J. Hanratty

Chapter 102 Clinical Considerations in Working with Individuals who are Homeless, Have Intellectual Delay and Mental Illness
Donna C. Lougheed

Chapter 103 Living Beyond the Margins: Homeless Individuals’ Perceptions of Contact Quality
Brian T. Jones, M.A. and Holly Shanley

Chapter 104 Measuring Attitudes towards People with Mental Illness and People Who Are Homeless: Is a Joint Instrument Needed?
Adriana Foster, MD, Sarah Hilton, MD, MS, Faneece Embry, MD, Charity Pires, MD and Anthony O. Ahmed, PhD

Chapter 105 Will Homeless Populations Benefit from Global Warming?
David A. Pepper

Chapter 106 Earthquakes and Homelessness: A Review of Historical Data
Jaime Santos-Reyes, Galdino Santos-Reyes and Tatiana Gouzeva

Chapter 107 The Definition and Nature of Domestic Violence
Alfred Allan and Maria M. Allan

Chapter 108 The Prevention Paradigm and Young People’s Abusive Intimate Relationships
Jane Ellis and Melanie McCarry

Chapter 109 Youth Dating Violence: A Silent Epidemic
Catherine J. Carter-Snell

Chapter 110 Dating Violence among Sexual-Minority Youth (SMY) in the Western World
Martin Blais, Martine Hébert, Jesse Gervais and Félix-Antoine Bergeron

Chapter 111 Systemic Violence and Immigrant Women Having Escaped Domestic Abuse: Meaningfully Reducing Structural Barriers to Leaving Intimate Partner and Familial Violence
Rita Isabel Henderson, Wilfreda E. Thurston and Amrita Roy

Chapter 112 Domestic Violence among South Asian Women: An Ecological Perspective
Bushra Sabri

Chapter 113 Domestic Violence: Prevalence among South Asian Migrant Women
Neely Mahapatra and Mona C. S. Schatz

Chapter 114 A Feminist Perspective: System Responses to Australian Mothers Exiting an Abusive Relationship
Elspeth McInnes

Chapter 115 Coping with Domestic Violence in India: The Role of Spirituality and Social Support
Andreia Schineanu and Jaya Earnest

Chapter 116 Mississippi Still Burning: The LGBT Struggle for Intimate Partner Violence Protection under the Law – A Case Study in the Deep South
Julie Schroeder, Olga Osby and Diana Bruns

Chapter 117 The Public Health Approach to Domestic Violence Prevention
Damien J. Williams, Anna J. Gavine and John Carnochan

Chapter 118 Domestic Violence against Women in War and Armed Conflicts
Jinan Usta and Neil Singh

Chapter 119 Violence against Women in Scenarios of Serious Economic Crisis
Victoria A. Ferrer-Perez and Esperanza Bosch-Fiol

Chapter 120 Sport-Related Domestic Violence: Exploring the Complex Relationship between Sporting Events and Domestic Violence
Damien J. Williams and Fergus G. Neville

Chapter 121 Child Maltreatment: A Phenomenological Study of Adult Males’ Recollected Childhood Memories of Experiencing Abuse and Witnessing Domestic Violence in the Family Home
Myra F. Taylor, Teresa Goddard and Julie Ann Pooley

Chapter 122 ‘Walking on Thin Ice’: The Pervasive Degeneration of the Family Dynamic in Homes where Domestic Violence is a Lived Reality and Where Children under the Age of 18 Experience Abuse
Myra F. Taylor, Teresa Goddard and Julie Ann Pooley

Chapter 123 ‘Feeling Like You’re Damaged and Like Your Life is Out of Your Control’: The Male Perspective on Living with the Adult Aftermath of Child Maltreatment
Myra F. Taylor, Teresa Goddard and Julie Ann Pooley

Chapter 124 Endeavouring to Move Forward from Child Maltreatment by Engaging in the Therapeutic Process of Psyche Repair: The Adult Male’s Attempt at Establishing a More Fulfilled Adult Life
Teresa Goddard, Myra F. Taylor and Julie Ann Pooley

Chapter 125 Overcoming the Gender Dyad: Engaging Men and Boys in Domestic Violence Prevention
Lana Wells, Alina Turner and Merrill Cooper

Chapter 126 African American Caregivers of Older Adults: An Overview
Charnetta Gadling-Cole, PhD, MSW and Gwendolyn Williams, PhD

Chapter 127 Theoretical Perspectives of Caregiving in the African American Community
Charnetta Gadling-Cole, PhD, MSW and Cathy McElderry, PhD

Chapter 128 “Called by God”: Caregiving and Spirituality among African Americans Caregiving and Spirituality among African American Caregiving
Christine Y. Wiley, DMin, MSW

Chapter 129 African-American Kinship Caregivers: Family Service Needs and Permanency
Carrie Jefferson Smith, DSW and Deborah J. Monahan, PhD

Chapter 130 Families Providing Care Across Generations: Pickle in the Middle
Pamela Q. Plummer, PhD

Chapter 131 Caregiving in the African American Community: An Examination of Mental Health and Well-Being
Dennis J. Weiss, PhD, MSW

Chapter 132 Unseen, Unheard, and Nearly Invisible: Implications for Caregiving of Older Black Men Living with HIV/AIDS
Terrell D. Brown, PhD, MSW, MA

Chapter 133 African American Professional and Managerial Baby-Boomer Women: Managing the Glass Ceiling and Caregiving Responsibilities for Older Parents
Claudia Thorne, MSW, LISW

Chapter 134 Dementia Related Diagnoses and Caregiving for African Americans: Responding to God’s Plan
Rachel Robinson, PhD, LCSW and Donna Gibson McCrary, PhD, LGSW

Chapter 135 African American Caregivers Raising Children with Disabilities: Doing More with Less
Carl L. Algood, PhD, MSW, LICSW and Ruby M. Gourdine, DSW, LICSW

Chapter 136 Grandparents and Grandchildren: An Enduring Bond of Caregiving in the African American Community
Sandra Edmonds Crewe, PhD, MSW, ACSW

Chapter 137 Generativity among African American Grandfathers Serving as Kinship Care Providers
Olga Osby, DSW, MSW and Carrie Jefferson Smith, DSW, MSW, ACSW

Chapter 138 Bringing the Outside In: A Loss and Grief Perspective for African American Caregivers
Cynthia E. Harris, DHA, MBPA, LICSW, LCSW-C

Chapter 139 Yet with a Steady Beat – African American Reflections on Seasons of Caregiving
Sandra Edmonds Crewe, PhD, MSW, ACSW and Tyriesa Howard, MSW, LMSW

Chapter 140 The Way Forward: African American Caregivers Continuing the Tradition of Taking Care of Our Own
Sandra Edmonds Crewe, PhD, MSW, ACSW and Charnetta Gadling-Cole, PhD, MSW


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