Rude Stone Monuments in All Countries


James Fergusson

Series: Anthropology Research and Developments
BISAC: SOC003000

One of the most interesting of antiquarian studies is that which relates to the origin and purpose of the many ancient mounds and monuments found in almost every country. Antiquaries have never agreed whether the circles are temples or tombs or observatories, whether the dolmens are monuments of the dead or altars for sacrificing living men, and whether the mounds are tombs or law courts. This book compiles a Historical and Statistical account of the Rude Stone Monuments in all parts of the world.
(Imprint: SNOVA)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
CHAPTER II. Preliminary Observations. Tumuli—Dolmens—Circles—Avenues—Menhirs
CHAPTER III. England. Avebury and Stonehenge
CHAPTER IV. Minor English Antiquities. Aylesford—Ashdown—Rollright—Penrith—Derbyshire—Stanton Drew—Smaller Circles—Dolmens
CHAPTER V. Ireland. Moytura—Cemeteries—Boyne—Lough Crew—Clover Hill—Dolmens
CHAPTER VI. Scotland. Orkney Stone Circles—Orkney Barrows—Maes-Howe Dragon and Serpent-Knot—Holed Stone of Stennis—Callernish—Aberdeenshire Circles—Fiddes Hill—Clava Mounds—Stone at Aberlemmo—Sculptured Stones—Crosses in Isle of Man
CHAPTER VII. Scandinavia and North Germany. Introductory—Battle-fields—Harald Hildetand’s Tomb—Long Barrows—Tumuli—Dolmens—Drenthe: Hunebeds
CHAPTER VIII. France. Introductory—Distribution of Dolmens—Age of Dolmens—Grottes des Fées—Demi-Dolmens—Rocking Stones—Carnac—Locmariaker—Alignments at Crozon—Age of the Monuments—What are these Monuments?—They must be Trophies—Time of the Fight—M. Bertrand’s List of Dolmens in Thirty-one Departments of France
CHAPTER IX. Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Introductory—Dolmens—Portugal—Italy
CHAPTER X. Algeria and Tripoli. Introductory—Bazinas and Chouchas—Free-Standing Dolmens—Age of Dolmens—Circle near Bona—The Nasamones—Origin of African Dolmen-builders—Tripoli: Trilithons—Buddhist Monument at Bangkok
CHAPTER XI. Mediterranean Islands. Malta—Sardinia—Balearic Islands
CHAPTER XII. Western Asia. Palestine—Sinai—Arabia—Asia Minor—Circassia—The Steppes—Cabul
CHAPTER XIII. India. Introductory—Eastern India—Khassia—Western India—Geographical Distribution—Age of the Stone Monuments—Comparison of Dolmens—Buddhism in the West
CHAPTER XIV. America. North America—Central America—Peru
Appendix A.—Glens Columbkille and Malin
Appendix B.—Oden’s Howe, &c., Upsala
Appendix C.—Antiquities of Caithness

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