Athletic Insight’s Writings of 2012


Robert Schinke, PhD (Editor)
Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Series: Sports and Athletics Preparation, Performance, and Psychology, Psychology Research Progress
BISAC: PSY000000

This book provides a forum for discussion of topics that are relevant to the field of sport psychology. The subjects covered will include theory, research, and practice of sport psychology, as well as social issues related to the field of athletics. Some topics discussed include the assimilation and delivery of acceptance-based behavioral interventions in sport psychology; peer review processes and implications for sport and exercise psychology; understanding exercise and the self through critical self-awareness and aesthetic self-stylization; internet usage patterns and ethical concerns in exercise psychology; mental techniques and preparation strategies used by Olympic Gold medalists; the psychological components of elite cycling; student athlete’s transition to high achievement sport; performance enhancement and stress reduction using biofeedback; measuring motivation for physical activity; and demographic characteristics and motivational patterns of masters level competitive cyclists. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. A Scientific Revolution in Sport Psychology: Challenges and Opportunities in the Assimilation and Delivery of Acceptance-based Behavioral Interventions
(Frank L. Gardner & Zella E. Moore)

Chapter 2. A Review of the Peer Review Process and Implications for Sport and Exercise Psychology
(Nicholas L. Holt & John C. Spence)

Chapter 3. Am “I” a Work of Art(?): Understanding Exercise and the Self through Critical Self-Awareness and Aesthetic Self-Stylization
(Kerry R. McGannon)

Chapter 4. Internet Usage Patterns and Ethical Concerns in Sport and Exercise Psychology
(Jack C. Watson II, John R. Lubker, Rebecca A. Zakrajsek, & Alessandro Quartiroli)

Chapter 5. Striking Gold: Mental Techniques and Preparation Strategies Used by Olympic Gold Medalists
(Vanessa R. Shannon, Noah B. Gentner, Ashwin Patel, & Douglas Muccio)

Chapter 6. The Psychological Components of Elite Cycling
(Timothy Baghurst)

Chapter 7. Time, Money, and Support: Student-Athletes’ Transition to High Achievement Sports
(Sverker Bengtsson & Urban Johnson)

Chapter 8. The Role of Superstition among Professional Footballers in Ghana
(Patrick Kwaku Ofori, Stuart Biddle, & David Lavallee)

Chapter 9. Performance Enhancement and Stress Reduction Using Biofeedback with Women Collegiate Volleyball Players
(Cindy J. Tanis)

Chapter 10. Measuring Motivation for Physical Activity: An Exploratory Study of PALMS – The Physical Activity and Leisure Motivation Scale
(Sima Zach, Michael Bar-Eli, Tony Morris, & Melissa Moore)

Chapter 11. Shreds of Memory: A First-Person Narrative of Sexual Acquaintance-Exploitation in a Youth Sport Experience
(Lars Dzikus)

Chapter 12. Exploring Flow Occurrence in Elite Golf
(Christian Swann, Richard Keegan, David Piggott, Lee Crust, & Mark F. Smith)

Chapter 13. Can Anger and Tension be Helpful? Emotions Associated with Optimal Performance
(Andrew M. Lane, Tracey J. Devonport, & Chris J. Beedie)

Chapter 14. Demographic Characteristics and Motivational Patterns of
Masters Level Competitive Cyclists
(Karen M. Appleby, Kristen Dieffenbach, & Teri Peterson)

Chapter 15. Subjective Beliefs among Coaches about how Relational Factors affect Intrinsic Motivation, Responsibility and Development in Sport
(Frode Moen)

Chapter 16. Assessment of Estimated versus Actual Caloric Expenditure
(Kylee J. Heston, Daniel D. Houlihan, & Kendra J. Homan)

Chapter 17. Coaching Behaviors in Canadian Youth Sport
(Kaitlyn LaForge, Philip J. Sullivan, & Gordon A. Bloom)

Chapter 18. High-pressure Matches Do Not Influence Home-field Advantage: A 30-year Retrospective Analysis of English Professional Football
(Murray Griffin, Adrian Whatling, & Dominic Micklewright)

Chapter 19. Psychological Preparation in Free-Throw Shots in Basketball – A Review
(Ronnie Lidor & Gal Ziv)

Chapter 20. Exercise to the Extreme? Identifying and Addressing Unhealthy Exercise Behaviors
(Justine J. Reel & Dana Voelker)

Chapter 21. Asian Professional Tennis Players’ Stress Sources and Coping Strategies: A Qualitative Investigation
(Sunghee Park)


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