Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 65


James C. Taylor (Editor)

Series: Advances in Chemistry Research
BISAC: SCI013000

Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 65 first discusses the cannabis plant, which is known as an attractive source of potential bioactive compounds that contribute to remedy a lot of diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, and spinal cord disease, among others.
Following this, the potential applications of intense pulsed light and non-thermal plasma in the milk powder industry are discussed, as well as the need for future efforts.
Additionally, the various applications and uses of α- and β-pinene rich essential oils are discussed, such as antioxidant agents, anti-inflammatory agents, fungicidal agents, antiviral agents, antibacterial agents, insect repellants, antimicrobial agents and cytotoxic agents.
The authors provide an overview of the mechanistic pathways operating in molecular catalysis for water oxidation, ranging from the well-established ruthenium chemistry to the more recent and promising first row transition metal complexes.
The catalytic aspects and mechanisms of water oxidation by ruthenium complexes are reviewed in an effort to provide insight on the design of efficient water oxidation catalysts.
Later, a comprehensive description of transition metal chalcogenides based nanomaterials for noble metal‐free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction is presented.
The closing work studies the acetoxylation of alpha-pinene over activated carbons, which can be performed using solid materials such as zeolite, heteropolyacids and SBA-15 with sulfonic groups.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Potential Bioactive Compounds Derived from Cannabis Plant (Cannabis sativa L.) and It’s Extraction Methods
(Manosalva Barrera Johana Catalina, Mendez Torres Viviana Alejandra, and Davila Rincon Javier Andrés, Department of Engineering, Chemical Engineering Program Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota D.C., US)

Chapter 2. Novel Technologies for Milk Powder Disinfection
(Dongjie Chen, Juer Liu, Paul Chen, Yanling Cheng, Peng Peng, Nan Zhou, Yunpu Wang, Yuhuan Liu and Roger Ruan, Center for Biorefining and Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, US, and others)

Chapter 3. α- and β-Pinene Rich Essential Oils and Their Biological Importance
(Diksha Palariya, Ravendra Kumar, Om Prakash and Anil K. Pant, Department of Chemistry,G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar, U. S. Nagar, Uttarakhand, India)

Chapter 4. Introduction to the Mechanistic Scenario in Water Oxidation Catalysis by Transition Metal Complexes
(Pablo Garrido-Barros and Ignacio Funes-Ardoiz, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, US, and others)

Chapter 5. Catalytic Aspects and Mechanisms of Water Oxidation by Mononuclear Ruthenium(II) Aquo Complexes
(Yuta Tsubonouchi, Yuki Tanahashi, Masanari Hirahara, Eman A. Mohamed, Zaki N. Zahran and Masayuki Yagi, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Niigata University, Ikarashi, Niigata, Japan, and others)

Chapter 6. Transition Metal Chalcogenides as Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
(Anand P. Tiwari, Travis G. Novak, Kisun Kim and Seokwoo Jeon, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KAIST Institute for the Nanocentury, Advanced Battery Center, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, Korea)

Chapter 7. Acetoxylation of Alpha-Pinene over Activated Carbons
(José E. Castanheiro, Departamento de Química, Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade de Évora, Évora, Portugal)


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