Zilvinas Svigaris

Philosophy at VU – Vilnius University 2008- 2014

Economics at KTU – Kaunas University of Technology 1992-1998

Computer science at KTU – Kaunas University of Technology 1992-1996

Organizing international conferences “Sonatic Čiurlionis’ Soundscapes”, “Ever present Myth”, „The Crossroads of Mythos and Logos“, “Preeminence of Myth and the Decline of Instrumental Reason.”

Published books: “Neoliberalism: Perspectives, History and Criticisms”, “Philosophy and humanity”.

Fields of scientific research: hermeneutics, ontology, ecology, phenomenology, comparative studies, anthropology, cultural dialogue, Zen aesthetics, archaic Lithuanian culture, economy, industrial processes, programming, artificial intelligence, democracy, and politics.

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-5501-3197

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