Yun-Hae Kim, PhD (Editor)

Professor, Technical Science, ex-Acting President of Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Director of Idea Factory Center, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Busan, South Korea.

Professor Yun-Hae Kim graduated from the Department of Marine Engineering, Korea Maritime and Ocean University in 1983 (B.E.) and in 1987 (M.E.). Moreover, he graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tokushima, Japan (M.E.) in 1990. He received his PhD degree from Kyushu University in Mechanical Engineering, Japan in 1993. He worked at NIST, USA, as a visiting professor in 1997-1998, and his studies focused on the fabrication and evaluation of composite materials. He worked as research assistant (1985-1987) at Korea Maritime and Ocean University. He published over 150 papers in international and national journals. He joined over 60 conferences and symposia at the international and national level as general speaker, invited speaker or keynote speaker.

He founded two international conferences, namely, Asian Conference on Engineering Education (ACEE, 2009) and Asian Conference on Campus Sustainability (ACCS, 2015). He was a president of Korea Association of Green Campus Initiatives (KAGCI). He was the ex-Acting president of Korea Maritime and Ocean University, ex-Dean of Student Affairs and ex-Dean of Academic Affairs from 2014 to 2016. He was a conference chair of the Advanced Materials Development and Performance (AMDP2014). At that time, over 400 delegates participated in this conference. He was the editor of SCI journal, International Journal of Modern Physics B. Now, he is working as the Editor-in-Chiefs of the Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology for 9 years and Nano Hybrids Composites. In the last five years, he joined over 20 conferences as Keynote Speaker and Conference Co-Chairs. He is working as Director of Idea Factory Center at KMOU.

He received many awards: Ministry of Science and Technology (Jang Young Sil Best Award, Korea), Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea, Distinguished Professor Award, The Korean Society of Engineering Education, Distinguished Service Medal, The Korean Society of Engineering Education, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Ministry Award, Engineering Education Innovation Field), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Korea, Best Paper Award, ICPNS, Seattle, USA. His research interests include R&D of novel materials and composites based on polymer materials (in particular, environmental characteristics), fracture mechanics and strength evaluations, ocean applications of advanced materials and composites. More information is located on the following webpage:

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