Sreenivasan Poornaiya

General Manager (Human Resources) Indian Renewable Energy Development Energy Limited, New Delhi, India.

Sreenivasan Poornaiya is the General Manager for Human Resources of Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA). It is an Organization of Government of India to spearhead the sustainability through natural capital of the country. The bedrock of Two Post Graduate Degrees in the fields of Social Work and Management transformed him in handling of HR as C-suite Executive Heading the human resources function in an umbrella organization required him to obviate the clutter from capability at pinnacle point of metamorphosed trade unions. This hands-on experience and state-of-the art process innovation made him to write a treatise culminating in his PhD in Management.
He is playing a key role for “Employee Engagement” and ensuring the “Learning & Development” of the personnel of IREDA. He was instrumental for three long term settlements and process of HR Road Map in Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd [POWERGRID]. He secured “Outstanding Industrial Relations” Award by AIEO in 2009 for POWERGRID and “HR Excellence Award” by India Today in 2015 for IREDA. Dr. Sreenivasan Poornaiya is the life time Member of Professional Institutions like National Institute of Personnel Management, Indian Society for Training & Development, National HRD Network and Indian Industrial Relation Association. He has served both in Private Sector as well as Public Sector.

Umpteen areas of blithe aspects of Human Resources have been the hallmark of his interest especially while choosing the hyper specialization in dynamics and undercurrents of industrial relations in public sector organizations spread over energy and aviation industry -naturally he contributed by bringing the freshness from his cognitive capability.

He has contributed articles and research papers in the field of Human Resources in National and International Journals. He is also a visiting faculty at Management Development Institute [MDI], National Power Training Institute [NPTI], International Management Institute [IMI] and other reputed institutes.

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