Marta Helena Fernandes Henriques

Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, College of Agriculture, Department of Food Science and Technology, Bencanta, Coimbra, Portugal.

Marta Henriques is Assistant Professor at Polytechnic of Coimbra – School of Agriculture, in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Currently coordinates the Professional Higher Technical Course in Food Quality.
She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering (2013), a MSc in Biochemical Engineering (2005) and a 5 year’s Diploma in Chemical Engineering (2001) from the University of Coimbra. Is researcher at the Research Center for Natural Resources, Environment and Society, with a focus on the valorization of food processing by-products and effluents for sustainable development of novel products and processes. Her research work, and experience as researcher and coordinator in 11 national and 2 international R&D projects, contributed to the publication of 2 patents; 13 scientific papers; 9 book chapters; and more than 50 communications.

Academic Degrees: BSc (1982): Veterinary Medicine. Technical University of Lisbon; MSc (1989): Food Science (Dairy Science Option). University of Reading/UK; PhD (2005): Food Science and Engineering. University of Santiago de Compostela/Spain.
Actual position: Currently is the director of the Applied Research Institute (IIA) of the Polytechnic of Coimbra (PC). It is also professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology (DCTA) of the PC – School of Agriculture.
Past positions: Dean of the School of Agriculture (2004-2010) and head of Food Science & Technology Department (2011-2013).

Participated in 8 national (coordinated 5) and 2 international R&D projects (coordinated 1); 2 patents; 18 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals; 9 book chapters and 46 communications in international meetings.

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