Maria José Sousa (Editor)

Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal.

Maria José Sousa (Ph.D. in Industrial Management) is a University Professor at ISCTE, a research fellow at Business Research Unit, and a collaborator of IPPS-ISCTE. She is also an expert in digital learning and digital skills, as she has assumed a Post-Doc position from 2016-2018, researching that field, with several publications in journals with high impact factor (Journal of Business Research, Journal of Grid Computing, Future Generation Computer Systems, and others). She was a member of the Coordinator Committee of the Ph.D. in Management at Universidade Europeia. Her research interests currently are public policies, health policies, innovation, and information science. She has developed major research in innovation policies with articles published in high-level journals (as the European Planning Studies, Information Systems Frontiers, Systems Research, and Behavioral Science, Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, Future Generation Computer Systems, and others). She is also the guest-editor of more than 5 Special Issues from Springer and Elsevier.

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