Kaushik Bose, PhD (Editor)

Department of Anthropology, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India.

Dr. Kaushik Bose is a Professor at the Department of Anthropology, Vidyasagar University, India. He has been the recipient of several scholarships, fellowships and medals. He is a Member/Fellow of several professional bodies including Unit for the Biocultural Variation and Obesity, Oxford University. He was the recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship and obtained his Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 1996. He was at Queens’ College, Cambridge. Earlier he had obtained his Ph.D. degree from Panjab University, India. He also worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, King’s College London. He was awarded a D.Sc. degree by Vidyasagar University in 2016.

He has published more than 260 research papers besides editing seven books. He is the editor of the Journal of Life Sciences. His research interests are anthropometry and body composition; particularly ethnic variation in health and disease.

He has undertaken collaborative research with several institutes including USAID, Tufts University, FHI360 (Washington, D.C.) and Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw.

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