Josep M. Bergada, PhD

ETSEIAT-UPC, Fluid Mechanics Department, Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Eng. J. M. Bergada received his PhD from University Politecnica of Catalunya (UPC) (1996), Barcelona, Spain. His dissertation involved CFD flow simulation inside a servovalve and acoustic servovalve vibrations linked with flow instabilities. From 1996 to 2001 he developed several research projects at the Textile Research Institute (UPC). During the period 2000-2010 his research focused on CFD simulations and mathematical development of flow in relieve valves and axial piston pumps, this research being developed in collaboration with Prof. John Watton at Cardiff University UK. Several measurement test rigs were co-designed and build at Cardiff University to validate the theoretical results. From 2011 until the present, his research is based in collaboration with TU-Berlin, and so far the research focused on performance evaluation of fluidic amplifiers, mathematical study of vortexes generated below airplane wings nearby the ground, and dynamic frequency and amplitude variations inside small pipes used in turbulent flow measurements.

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