Ewa Otto-Buczkowska, MD, PhD (Editor)

Specialist in pediatrics and diabetology, Medical Specialist Centre in Gliwice, Poland.

Studied medicine At the Silesian Medical University, and graduated in 1959. Habilitation in 1975.

Reserch interest and supervisory experience:
1959-1964 Investigation at the department of Anatomy, Silesian Medical University of the influence of low intensity vibration upon bone marrow. The results of this investigation provided the basis of doctoral dissertation in 1964.

Since 1960 Research work at the Regional Diabetes Center for Children and adolescents including:
• Investigations concerning the behaviour of IRI and HGH in children with IDDM, with obesity, or with family history of diabetes. The results of these investigations have been served as the basis for habilitation.
• Studies of disturbances of calcium metabolism and etiopathogenesis of diabetic osteopathy, and disturbances in the secretion of gastrin, pancreatic polypeptide and glucagon in young diabetics and obese children.
• Disturbances calcium and phosphorus homeostasis, vitamin D intoxication, pathogenesis and management of hypo- and hypercalcemic disorders.
• In recent years, of particular interest is type LADA, metabolic syndrome in young patients, gestational diabetes and postpartum alterations blood glucose homeostasis.

Prof. E. Otto-Buczkowska is author, co-author and editor of sixteen different handbooks of diabetology, endocrinology and pediatrics and more than two hundred and fifty other publications.
Mentor of Scientific Dissertations, Member Polish Diabetological Association; European Association for the Study of Diabetes; International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes.

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