Ernest W. Maglischo, PhD

Retired Swim Coach, Precott, AZ, USA.

Thirty-five (35) years of swim coaching experience with Colleges, Universities, and Clubs. Career college swim coaching record of 173-61. Teams won 13 NCAA Division-II and Division III National Championships. Teams I coached have won NCAA Championships at three different Universities. One of only two swimming coaches to do so.

Consultant to the 1984 and 1988 and 1992 US Olympic Swim Team 1996. Coach of Ecuador Olympic Swim Team.

Authored or co-authored six(6) textbooks and three (3) booklets on swimming and two textbooks on nutrition for athletes. Co-authored three computer programs on various aspects of competitive swimming. Authored three booklets on various aspects of competitive swimming. Authored or co-authored over 54 periodical publications including reports of original biomechanical and physiological research as well as technical articles on swim training and stroke mechanics. Participated in several governments and nationally-funded research projects.

Lectured and presented papers on the technical aspects of competitive swimming on more than 90 different occasions in 40 states across the U.S. and in 20 different countries.

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