Dan Soen (Editor)

University Center Ari’el, Kibbutzi School of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Professor Dan Soen is Professor Emeritus at the Kibbutzim School of Education, Tel-Aviv, as well as the founder and Chair of the Multidisciplinary Department of Social Sciences and the Department of Sociology & Anthropology in Ari’el University Centre, Israel.

He also teaches in the Graduate School of the Kibbutzim School of Education. Dan Soen acted for about twenty years as senior consultant in social planning at the Ministry of Housing & Construction and the Ministry of Social Welfare, as well as in the Jewish Agency. He also worked with the UNDP and several African and Asian countries as Project Manager in regional development. Dan Soen is founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Social Issues in Israel, and sits in the editorial board of Education & Context Journal.

Professor Soen acts as reviewer for several Social Sciences Journals and previously acted as editor-in-chief of two social sciences Journals. Currently he is also serving on the executive board of the Israeli Centre for Social Justice. He taught many years at the Tel-Aviv University, The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Ben Gurion University, Bar-Ilan University and Bezal’el Academy of Arts, Jerusalem, and helped establishing two of Israel’s leading Colleges: Sapir College in the Negev and The College of Izra’el in the north. He has published extensively in scientific journals (more than 120 articles) and authored and edited more than 30 books in
Hebrew and English.

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