Algis Mickunas, PhD

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, US.

Algis Mickunas’ education ranges from engineering – Illinois Institute of Technology, through major “schools” of philosophy: Classical Philosophy – DePaul University, Chicago. Philosophy of Language, University of Chicago. Contemporary European Philosophies, Universities of Cologne and Freiburg, Germany. Modern Philosophy, Emory University, Atlanta. Published approximately 400 articles in five languages. Authored, Co-authored and Co-edited approximately 40 books in philosophy, social and political theory, communication. Established international scholarly organizations, s.a. The Husserl Circle, The Merleau-Ponty Circle, Japan-West Phenomenology Consortium, International Jean Gebser Society for the Study of Comparative Civilization.

1983 – Formed an International Gebser Society: study of histories and transformations of consciousness. In 1996, with Professor Hiroshi Kojima of Niigata University, Japan, established Japan-West consortium of scholars to discuss West-East thought. 1999, With Professor Bienvenido Argueta established a program of conferences on the Study of Globalization, at the Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

November 14, 2007 – Lithuanian Ministry of Culture awarded an “outstanding foreign contributor to humanities and social sciences in Lithuania” prize. 2008 appointed to the Lithuanian Academy of Science.

Received four Honorary doctor Degrees. 2017 Awarded „Knight of the Cross“, by the president of Lithuania. 2017 Awarded “Laureate Fellow” status by International Communicology Institute.

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1601-8331

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