Adam Jabłoński is an Associate Professor in WSB University in Poznan Faculty in Chorzow, Director of Scientific Institute of Management.

He is also Vice-President of the Board of a reputable management consulting company “OTTIMA plus” Ltd. of Katowice, and President of the “Southern Railway Cluster” Association of Katowice, which supports development in railway transport and the transfer of innovation, as well as cooperation with European railway clusters (as a member of the European Railway Clusters Initiative).

He holds a postdoctoral degree in Economic Sciences, specializing in Management Science. Having worked as a management consultant since 1997, he has broadened his experience and expertise through co-operation with a number of leading companies in Poland and abroad. He is the author of a variety of studies and business analyses on business models, value management, risk management, the balanced scorecard and corporate social responsibility. He has also written and co-written several monographs and over 100 scientific articles in the field of management, published both in Poland and abroad.

Adam’s academic interests focus on the issues of Organization Theory and Public Management, modern and efficient business model design, including Sustainable Business Models and the principles of company value building strategy that includes the rules of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Adam Jabłoński
Associate Professor, Director of Scientific Institute of Management, WSB University in Poznan Faculty in Chorzow, Poland

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