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Why has US President Joe Biden promised to mobilize the world if Amazonia’s destruction does not stop? What were the structures and processes of globalization that contributed to the construction of its contemporary material and symbolic representations? How Amazonia’s full submission to the market and to the process of predatory privatization has contributed towards the its fast cultural and ecological destruction. The authors analyze contemporary issues of interest to people and the world, such as: Why is the destruction of Amazonia anticipating a global climate emergency? Why is Amazonia the last eco-cultural utopia of humanity? How many diseases could spread to the world because of the destruction of Amazonia? Why is it necessary to transform Amazonia into a world heritage? Why predatory capitalism has no theoretical and empirical scope to transform Amazonia into a sustainable environmental commodity. Why did the Brazilian government become a weapon against Amazonia? What are  the seven capital sins practiced against Amazonia? How to develop Amazonia in a sustainable way for the benefit of Brazil and the humanity. What will be the impacts in world due to its destruction? This tragedy continues without effective measures by the Brazilian government to stop it. It is presented that predatory capitalism has no heuristic reach to exploit economically it preserving its biomes and populations. This study puts the need its transformation into the world heritage. It shows that Amazonia’s future is an announced world tragedy. It is also presented denunciations on the destructive interventions made by the Brazil President on its peoples and biomes. The authors show that capitalism has a historical debt to the Amazon populations. The ecological destruction and poverty of its populations are social constructions of the economic groups and financial elites that have made the economic exploitation of the region. The life was never so threatened in planet. The interventions of predatory capitalism in Amazonia lead this civilizing barbarism that reaches us all, and its aggravate the greenhouse effect and climate change. This manuscript makes new propositions to safeguard the life and the economic and social development non predatory. It proposes a sustainable world for us all, today and future. These are contemporary issues with social and economic impacts at national and international level. These issues need to be incorporated in the education, science and technology policies. This manuscript approaches and analyzes these issues in a systemic and innovative way. It fills this gap in the literature. The authors also show why Amazonia was been the scene of a slow and continuous indigenous genocide. This tragedy has been aggravated by the dispersion of the COVID-19 in the region. Who will save Amazonia?

 Marcílio de Freitas