What is this book all about

Most people do not understand nuclear energy and fear nuclear power because they are afraid of radiation. As this is a common circumstance, those who choose to oppose nuclear power or support it often do it for the wrong reasons. This book can very quickly unlock the mystery of nuclear energy by explaining all the related subjects with a storytelling approach, such that with a single book the readers can get a full appreciation of what nuclear energy really is all about. The covered topics are so broad that they can be considered a miniature of an encyclopedia of nuclear energy, but they are presented as an easy reading instead of engaging in a heavy research project. Nuclear waste, nuclear weapons, nuclear accidents, nuclear immunization, nuclear physics, nuclear plants, nuclear batteries, and many others are one single subject, intertwined with the political and economic issues. They altogether need to be explained simultaneously to get a full picture of them. Picking only one of the subjects from separate sources to read over would never get to understand nuclear energy. It is under this premise that this book is prepared. Special efforts were made to make all the difficult concepts easily understood and presented in a harmonious manner. Examples are formulated for laymen to grasp the insights readily and quickly as fun reading. All the subjects are described in this fashion.  As global warming and decarbonization are heavily discussed these days, nuclear energy seems to be a viable choice for dealing with the issues. People begin to be more curious or somewhat skeptical about nuclear being a remedy to the problem, this book furnishes the necessary foundation for laymen to master the subjects of nuclear power easily and quickly.