The Nurturing of Talent, Skills and Abilities, a book I edited a few years back is a worthy attempt to help teachers, parents, counselors and others to assist their younger charges with the development of their potential. And there is much potential out there- musical, artistic, leadership, athletics, theatre and all the rest. And these talents and potential are terrible to waste- and contribute to lethargy, depression, sadness and wasted lives.

In Visual Arts education- leading scholar- Enid Zimmerman addresses this domain.

In Vocal Talent education- Jason Paulk, Jason Vest and Kayla Paulk share their years of wisdom for those teachers of those students with fine vocal chords.

In ” Musical Sensitivity”- Mark Dal Porto and Tracy Carr- both accomplished musicians in their own right-contribute their acumen.

In ” Mathematical Knowledge, Skills and Expertise” Colin Hannaford of Oxford, England shares his years of expertise.

Mathematical Talent is addressed by Linda Brody- a scholar who needs no introduction. Her work in this area is unparalleled.

Parenting for Chess Talent- is addressed by Kenneth Kierwa and Amanda L. Witte

Gerard Casey of Dublin Ireland, has contributed a chapter on philosophical thinking and reasoning.

Scientific Thinking and Reasoning- was addressed by Professor Jerry Everhart.

Roya Klinger of Germany has a chapter specifically devoted to enhancing giftedness, talent and creativity and John Baer has contributed a separate chapter on creative thinking.

Research and the process of research was written about by Gwen Marchand, Gregory Schraw and Lori Olafson.

Adam Blatner rounds out the book by discussing the need to mentor, guide and supervise counselors.

For those involved in the nurturing of talent, skills and abilities, this text will serve as a formidable asset to your work and practice.