Volume 9 Issue 2

Volume 9 Issue 2 (Brain, Body, Cognition – A continuation of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics) $100.00
Editorial – An International Society for Movement: Brain, Body, Cognition
Gerry Leisman

Advances in Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy of Traumatic Brain Injury
Onazi Ocha Ene Theresa

Application of Driver Training and Safety Research in Split-Second Decision Making under Stress, for Managing Impulsivity and Inattention with Mental Health and General Populations
Abraham-Gerard Meyer and Robert W. Lebovits

Neurorehabilitation and Ergonomics: Addressing the Needs of the Intellectually Disabled in Life and in the Workplace
Gerry Leisman and Sharon Israely

Abstracts from the Conference on Movement: Brain, Body, Cognition, Held at the University of Tel-Aviv, 22-24 July 2019

Literature Calling: A Survey of Recent Publications of Interest to Functional Neurology