Volume 9 Issue 1

Volume 9 Issue 1 (Brain, Body, Cognition – A continuation of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics) $100.00
Editorial – Minding Your Mind
Gerry Leisman

Scientific Papers

The Link between Gaze-Following Behaviors and Early Language: A Review
Lea Stone Lasman

Changes in Respiratory Excursion and Standard Quality of Life Measures Following Physical Training Focused on Proprioception and Fluid Fascial Movement
Satya Sardonicus and Danielle Ayres

EEG Signal Qualitative and Quantitative Changes in Task Negative Network (TNN – DMRSN) under Delirium-Obnubilation
Michal Drobný, Beata Drobná Sániová, Jombík Peter, Calixto Machado, and Lajčiaková Marianna

Motoric Abilities Assessment of Preschool-Age Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Nikola Babić, Snežana Nikolić, and Danijela Ilić-Stošović

Letter to the Editor

The Challenges Faced in Making the “What is Vection!?” Movies and the Evaluations of Them by Seven Professional Creators of Visual Images
Tomohiko Akagi, Richika Urasoko, Tokushu Inamura, and Takeharu Seno

Abstracts from the 8th International Conference on Coma and Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness. Held in Havana, Cuba, December 4-7, 2018.

Literature Calling – A Survey of Recent Publications of Interest to Functional Neurology