Volume 8 Issue 4

Volume 8 Issue 4 (Brain, Body, Cognition – A continuation of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics) $100.00
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Article 1 – Editorial – Seeing Things That Are Not There or Comprehending Things That Are Not Seen (pp. 327-330)
Authors / Editors: Gerry Leisman

Article 2 – The Influence of Plyometric Exercises on Biomechanical Factor Front Crawl and Back Crawl Acceleration in Elite Swimmers (pp. 333-337)
Authors / Editors: Ghimati Salar

Article 3 – Effect of Regular Tai Chi Practice on Dynamic Postural Stability during Obstacle Crossing among the Elderly (pp. 339-345)
Authors / Editors: Xiaolin Li, Jia-Hao Chang, and Jing Xian Li

Article 4 – Effect of Kinesio Tape versus Rigid Tape in Improving Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain- A Randomized Clinical Trial (pp. 347-353)
Authors / Editors: Kaniz Rabia, Atif Dustgir, and Danish Hassan

Article 5 – Memory for Many’s Learning Method (pp. 357-362)
Authors / Editors: Ching-Shiuan Fang, Kexin Zheng, Molly Kao, Michelle Kao, Kenton Wu, Ryan Wu, and Michelle Kao

Article 6 – From Therapeutic Approaches towards an Integrated Theory of Body-Related Learning in Rehabilitation of Children and Adults with Neurological Disorders (365-377)
Authors / Editors: Heidrun Karin Becker

Article 7 – Co-creation of Lifelong Rehabilitation Design. Based on an Autobiography (pp. 381-393)
Authors / Editors: Ulrika Sandén
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