Volume 8 Issue 3-4

Volume 8 Issue 3-4 (Current Politics and Economics of the United States, Canada, and Mexico) $290.00

1. The Changing Demographic Profile of the United States – CRS Report (Laura B. Shrestha) pp. 205-235

2. Canada: A Macroeconomic Study of the United States’ Most Important Trade Partner – U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Report (Paul Sundell and Mathew Shane)pp. 237-278

3. China-U.S. Trade Issues – CRS Report (Wayne M. Morrison) pp. 279-300

4. Foreign Investment in U.S. Securities – CRS Report (James K. Jackson) pp. 301-321

5. U.S. Immigration Policy on Permanent Admissions – CRS Report (Ruth Ellen Wasem) pp. 323-257

6. International Drug Trade and U.S. Foreign Policy – CRS Report (Raphael F. Perl)pp. 359-380

7. Mexico’s Importance and Multiple Relationships with the United States – CRS Report (K. Larry Storrs) pp. 381-398