Volume 7 Issue 3

Volume 7 Issue 3 (Brain, Body, Cognition – A continuation of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics) $100.00

Editorial – Movement and Cognition
Gerry Leisman


Foundations for Clinical: A Model for Initial Clinical Protocols That Facilitate Optimal Neural Function
Maxine Haller

Brain Mechanisms Impairment of Dual-Task Processing in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
Ludmila Zhavoronkova, Tatiana Shevtsova, Anton Pozdneev, Svetlana Kuptsova, Olga Maksakova, Alexandra Zharikova, and Elena Kushnir

Preserving Motor Abilities through Functional Stimulation in Institutionalized Elderly with Probable Alzheimer’s Disease
David Paulo Ramalheira Catela, Maria Aucineia Ferreira, and Marco António Colaço Branco

Alternative Movement Program in Geriatric Rehabilitation
Carol A. Montgomery, Cynthia M. Allen, Shereen D. Farber, and Mark O. Farber

The Brain Is Primarily a Visual-Spatial Processing Device: Altering Visual-Spatial Cognitive Processing via Retinal Stimulation Can Treat Movement Disorders
Clark Elliott

The Modified Thomas Test Realised by Optoelectronic Kinematic Measurement
Dalibor Kiseljak, Filip Bolčević, Daria Ćurko, Krešimir Pažin, Filip Ujaković, Igor Gruić, and Vladimir Medved

Motor Skills, Creativity, and Cognition in Learning Physics Concepts
Roni Zohar, Esther Bagno, Bat-Sheva Eylon, and Dor Abrahamson

From Therapeutic Approaches towards an Integrated Theory of Body-Related Learning in Rehabilitation of Children and Adults with Neurological Disorders
Heidrun Karin Becker

Physiological Effects of Multimodal Postural Training in Trampoline Gymnasts’ Training Program
Albina Andreeva

Development and Usability Test of an Innovative Low-Cost Rehabilitation Game for the Upper Extremities of Neurological Patients
Bernhard Riess, Veronika David, Matthias Scherer, Stefan Kotzian, and Mathias Forjan

State of Art Method and Advanced Computerized Technology for Assessment of Mental States
Marina Alexandrovna Lobova

A New Approach that Improves Range of Motion without Stretching or Pain;
Comparison with PNF
Vinicius Monteiro Diederichs

Images of Movement and Land-Based Identity: Defining Wellness from an Indigenous Perspective
Lisa Boivin and Jenny R. Rand

Capoeira: The Relationship of an Afro-Brazilian Cooperative Movement Art to State Anxiety, State Self-Efficacy, and Prosocial Behavior Tendencies
Brennan Delattre and Marcia L. Collaer