Volume 7 Issue 2

Volume 7 Issue 2 (Brain, Body, Cognition – A continuation of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics) $100.00
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Article 1 – In Memoriam – Jaak Panksepp (pp. 107-108)
Authors / Editors: Gerry Leisman
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Article 2 – Negative Manifestation of the Default Mode of Brain Function (pp. 111-116)
Authors / Editors: Danylov Venedykta, Kletskin Solomon, and Kozlov Michail

Article 3 – Evolution of Movement: The Key of Complexity in Human Cognition (pp. 117-136)
Authors / Editors: Alma Dzib-Goodin and Daniel Yelizarov

Article 4 – Learning Effects of Practice with Error-Altering Haptic Feedback Depend on Bandwidth: Are There Implications for Rehabilitation Robots? (pp. 137-148)
Authors / Editors: Camille K. Williams and Heather Carnahan

Article 5 – Computer-Brain Model Memory and Decision-Making (pp. 149-160)
Authors / Editors: Kozlov Michail

Article 6 – Staging of Decision-Making Style in Leaders: Decoding Individual Differences in Cognitive Motivations Using Movement Pattern Analysis (pp. 161-168)
Authors / Editors: Brenda L. Connors, Richard Rende, and Timothy J. Colton

Article 7 – Dynamical Analysis of the Interaction between Object Location and Hand Use in a Midline Crossing Task in Children with Trisomy 21 (pp. 169-174)
Authors / Editors: David Paulo Ramalheira Catela, Ana Maria Coelho Baudouin de Abreu, and Ana Paula de Lemos Teixeira e Seabra

Article 8 – Movement and Scholastic Performance – A Nine-Year Intervention Study with Society Gains in Sweden (pp. 175-183)
Authors / Editors: Ingegerd Ericsson

Article 9 – Daily Motoric Training at School to Improve Reading Skills. A Controlled Sensoric – Integration Music-Motoric Programme (Simmo) of Daily Exercises Is Conducted by Teachers at a Primary School in Austria with the Aim of Improving the Children’s Reading Ski
Authors / Editors: Daniela Arnold

Article 10 – An Integrative Point of View about the Regular Physical Activity Focused on Internal Sensations (pp. 195-208)
Authors / Editors: Eugenia Blangino, Lucila Meira, and Gabriel Ceresato

Article 11 – Enactive and Embodied Learning in Higher Education (pp. 209-215)
Authors / Editors: Rosa-María Rodríguez-Jiménez and Sonia García-Merino

Article 12 – Association of Speed of Decision Making and Change of Direction Speed with the Agility Performance (pp. 217-225)
Authors / Editors: Erika Zemková and Dušan Hamar

Article 13 – Can Asymmetric Running Patterns Be Predicted by Assessment of Asymmetric Standing Posture? A Case Study in Elite College Runners (227-232)
Authors / Editors: Paige E. Skorseth and Patrick T. Knott

Article 14 – The Engagement of Motor Imagery in Metaphoric Comprehension (pp. 233-244)
Authors / Editors: Alex Golding

Article 15 – A Body/Mind Perspective to Enhancing Movement (pp. 245-256)
Authors / Editors: Annette BoVee-Akyurek and Kara S. Erolin

Article 16 – Proprioceptive Activation System, Reality Perception, and Aesthetics (pp. 257-263)
Authors / Editors: Mogens Davidsen

Article 17 – The Kinesiotherapy Method in Medical and Conductive Rehabilitation of Patients with Motor and Cognitive Deficits: Re-Integration of Motor-Cognitive Interactions (pp. 267-269)
Authors / Editors: Valida Isanova

Article 18 – Theory of Opposition to Gravity and Locomotion (pp. 271-274)
Authors / Editors: Michelle M Turner

Article 19 – Perpetual Motion and Cognitive Development (pp. 275-277)
Authors / Editors: Michelle M. Turner and Medhini Singaraju

Article 20 – Initiation and Stimulation of Functional Movement and System Mechanics (pp. 279-282)
Authors / Editors: Michelle M Turner and Kimberly N Huggins

Article 21 – Literature Calling – A Survey of Recent Publications of Interest to Functional Neurology (pp. 283-306)
Authors / Editors: