Volume 5 Issue 3

Volume 5 Issue 3 (Chaos and Complexity Letters) $150.00

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Article 1 – Design of Coupling for Different Form of Synchronization- A New Approach
Authors / Editors: Anirban Ray and A. Roy Chowdhury

Article 2 – V-Variable Sierpinski Gasket and Carpet
Authors / Editors: Mamta Rani, R. C. Dimri, and Darshana J. Prajapati

Article 3 – Architecture and Time
Authors / Editors: Nicoletta Sala

News and Ideas

Article 4 – Cracked Orlando: Drama per Musica e Fractals
Authors / Editors: Terry Marks-Tarlow

Book Review

Article 5 – Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Analyis for the Behavioral Sciences using Real Data (Hardcover)
Authors / Editors: Stephen J. Guastello and Robert A.M. Gregson
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