Volume 5 Issue 1

Volume 5 Issue 1 (Chaos and Complexity Letters) $110.00

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Article 1 – Classifying Musical Genre using Recurrence Strategies
Authors / Editors: Andrew J. Keller and C. L. Webber

Article 2 – Various Types of Synchronization between Neural Networks with Variable Delays
Authors / Editors: Anirban Ray and Asesh Roy Chowdhury

Article 3 – On a New Form of Chaos Based on Deterministic Chaos plus Added Quantum Mechanical Components: The Perspectives of Application in Cognitive Processes in Psychology
Authors / Editors: Elio Conte, Mario Altamura, Michela De Salvia, Antonio Federici, Antonello Bellomo and Joseph P. Zbilut

Article 4 – Complexity and Fractality in Industrial Design
Authors / Editors: Nicoletta Sala