Volume 4 Issue 3

Volume 4 Issue 3 (Chaos and Complexity Letters) $125.00

Article 1 – Introduction pp. 1-4
Authors / Editors: (Chiara Mocenni)

Article 2 – Special Issue Description pp. 5-6
Authors / Editors: (Nicoletta Sala)

Article 3 – Mind Force Theory: Hyper-Network Dynamics in Neuroscience pp. 9-32
Authors / Editors: (Franco Orsucci)

Article 4 – Indirect Biological Measures of Consciousness from Field Studies of Brains as Dynamical Systems pp. 33-52
Authors / Editors: (Walter J. Freeman)

Article 5 – Freeman’s Mass Action pp. 53-60
Authors / Editors: (Walter J. Freeman and Robert Kozma)
***Open Access Article. Free Download Available***

Article 6 – Cognitive Factors and Changes in Individual Decision Making: From Drug Addiction to Natural Recovery pp. 61-74
Authors / Editors: (Chiara Mocenni, Giuseppe Montefrancesco and Silvia Tiezzi)

Article 7 – Applying Complexity Theory to a Dynamical Process Model of the Development of Pathological Belief Systems pp. 75-96
Authors / Editors: (Brian O’Connor and Liane Gabora)

Article 8 – My Double and Brain Dynamics pp. 97-106
Authors / Editors: (Giuseppe Vitiello)

Article 9 – Memory Phenomenology And Mechanisms: In Vivo, In Vitro And In Simulation pp. 107-112
Authors / Editors: (Tullio A. Minelli)

Article 10 – The Eye of the Fly: Psychoanalytic Gestalten and Chaotic Attractors in Large Groups and Institutions pp. 113-122
Authors / Editors: (Guelfo Margherita)
***Open Access Article. Free Download Available***

Article 11 – On the Possibility That We Think in a Quantum Mechanical Manner: An Experimental Verification of Existing Quantum Interference Effects In Cognitive Anomaly of Conjunction Fallacy pp. 123-136
Authors / Editors: (Elio Conte, Andrei Yuri Khrennikov, Orlando Todarello, Roberta De Robertis, Antonio Federici and Joseph P. Zbilut)

Article 12 – Modem and Tattoos pp. 137-146
Authors / Editors: (Gemma Zontini)

Article 13 – Fractals in Architecture: Hyperarchitecture and Beyond pp. 147-180
Authors / Editors: (Nicoletta Sala)

Article 14 – The Hidden Side of Wolfgang Pauli: An Eminent Physicist’s Extraordinary Encounter With Depth Psychology pp. 181-200
Authors / Editors: (Harald Atmanspacher and Hans Primas)

Article 15 – Alpha Rhythms and Memory Processes: An Intriguing Question pp. 201-204
Authors / Editors: (Francesco Ferro Milone, Tullio Antonio Minelli and Franco Binda)

Article 16 – Psychosis and the Mine of a Therapist: From the Phenomenon to its Complexity pp. 205-211
Authors / Editors: (Alfredo Ancora)