Volume 4 Issue 1

Volume 4 Issue 1 (Current Politics and Economics of Africa) $95.00

1. Globalizing in Poverty: Deregulation of Disempowerment in Nigeria
(J. Shola Omotola) pp. 1-20

2. The Global Economic Crisis: Impact on Sub-Saharan Africa
and Global Policy Responses
(Alexis Arieff, Martin A. Weiss and Vivian C. Jones) pp. 21-58

3. Tanzania: Background and Current Conditions
(Ted Dagne) pp. 59-66

4. Zimbabwe: The Power Sharing Agreement and Implications for U.S. Policy (Lauren Ploch) pp. 67-122

5. Piracy off the Horn of Africa
(Lauren Ploch, Christopher M. Blanchard, Ronald O’Rourke,
R. Chuck Mason and Rawle O. King) pp. 123-178

6. Rwanda: Background and Current Developments
(Ted Dagne) pp. 179-187