Volume 18 Issue 1

Volume 18 Issue 1 (Current Politics and Economics of the United States, Canada, and Mexico) $170.00

Constitutional Authorities under Which Congress Regulates State Taxation
Erika K. Lunder and Kenneth R. Thomas

The Internet Tax Freedom Act: In Brief
Jeffrey M. Stupak

Taxation of Internet Sales and Access: Legal Issues
Erika K. Lunder

Present Law and Selected Proposals Related to the Repatriation of Foreign Earnings
Joint Committee on Taxation

Energy Tax Incentives: Measuring Value across Different Types of Energy Resources
Molly F. Sherlock and Jeffrey M. Stupak

Energy Tax Policy: Issues in the 114th Congress
Molly F. Sherlock and Jeffrey M. Stupak

Tax Policy: Differences in Definitions and Rules in the Tax Code
United States Government Accountability Office