Volume 13 Issue 2

Volume 13 Issue 2 (Current Politics and Economics of the United States, Canada, and Mexico) $170.00

1. Brazil’s WTO Case Against the U.S. Cotton Program
(Randy Schnepf) pp. 181-232

2. U.S. Global Climate Change Policy: Evolving Views on Cost, Competitiveness and Comprehensiveness
(Larry Parker, John Blodgett and Brent D. Yacobucci) pp. 233-256

3. Security Assistance Reform: “Section 1206” Background and Issues for Congress (Nina M. Serafino) pp. 257-312

4. From Solicitor General to Supreme Court Nominee: Responsibilities, History and the Nomination of Elena Kagan
(Susan Navarro Smelcer and Kenneth R. Thomas) pp. 313-340

5. Securing America’s Borders: The Role of the Military
(R. Chuck Mason) pp. 341-352

6. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Acquisition: Issues for Congress
(Richard A. Best Jr.) pp. 353-386