Volume 13 Issue 1

Volume 13 Issue 1 (Chaos and Complexity Letters) $200.00
Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Beyond: Algorithms and Patterns
Franco F. Orsucci

Psychoanalytic vs Neoclassical Economics Model of the Mind
Gabriele Serafini and Giulio de Felice

Technical Report

Analyzing Chaotic Dynamics by Means of State Space Tomographies and Dual Maps of Return
Javier Montenegro Joo

An Application of a Method of Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Frequency Domain
Sergio Conte, Fang Wang, and Elio Conte

News and Ideas

“Tiny” Oscillations: A Numerical Comment and a Heuristic “Conjecture”
Danilo Merlini, Massimo Sala, and Nicoletta Sala