Volume 11 Issue 1

Volume 11 Issue 1 (Chaos and Complexity Letters) $200.00
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Article 1 – Dedication and Introduction (pp. 1-24)
Authors / Editors: Frederick David Abraham

Article 2 – Walter J. Freeman: Poetic Thinking and Scientific Discovery (pp. 25-31)
Authors / Editors: Christine A. Skarda

Article 3 – Remembering Walter 60 Years after Our First Encounter (pp. 33-40)
Authors / Editors: Joaquin M. Fuster

Article 4 – How Brains Create the World: The Dynamical Legacy of Walter J Freeman in Olfactory System Physiology (pp. 41-47)
Authors / Editors: Leslie M. Kay

Article 5 – 4711 – Is Grandma a Strange Attractor? (pp. 49-79)
Authors / Editors: Hans Liljenström

Article 6 – The Legacy of a Renaissance Man: From Mass Action in the Nervous System and Cinematic Theory of Cognitive Dynamics to Operational Architectonics of Brain-Mind Functioning (pp. 81-91)
Authors / Editors: Andrew A. Fingelkurts, Alexander A. Fingelkurts, and Carlos F.H. Neves

Article 7 – Freeman’s Intentional Neurodynamics (pp. 93-103)
Authors / Editors: Robert Kozma and Raymond Noack

Article 8 – The Wave Packet in Multi-Area Cortical Modeling: History, Theory and Empirical Evidence ((p. 105-116)
Authors / Editors: Michael Mannino and Steven L. Bressler

Article 9 – Sentient Dynamics: The Kiss of Chaos through the Markov Blanket (pp. 117-140)
Authors / Editors: Karl Friston

Article 12 – Chaos Math, Brain Science, and Mind Philosophy (pp. 179-182)
Authors / Editors: Ralph Herman Abraham

Article 13 – Semiotic Dynamics: Conversations and Reflections at Trinity College
Authors / Editors: Walter J. Freeman and Franco F. Orsucci

Article 14 – Lessons from DADA & CHAOS: Unknowing as a Creative Heuristic (pp. 193-201)
Authors / Editors: Diane Rosen