Upcoming title: “A Closer Look at Chemical Kinetics”

Our book entitled “A Closer Look at Chemical Kinetics” is announced on the NOVA website:

A Closer Look at Chemical Kinetics

This book proposes a closer look at chemical kinetics, which in this specific case, should be understood as a more detailed study of the connections of this discipline with other branches of chemistry and, even more, with other areas of science and technology.  The first part –which includes two chapters– explores theoretical developments where the connections of chemical kinetics with mathematical modeling of scientific and industrial problems are clearly illustrated.  The second part of the volume is devoted to experimental chemical kinetics, where specific reactions are studied in Chapters Three to Six. In all these chapters, kinetic studies allow the authors to propose mechanisms consistent with the experimental results obtained.  In the third part of the book –which includes the following two chapters– different types of catalytic processes are studied, particularly those related to electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, and surface phenomena.  The fourth part of this volume presents a work related to nanotechnology and its catalytic applications.  The fifth and last part of this volume exemplifies the link between chemical kinetics and industrial processes, particularly in metallurgy.