The Nova Science Impactor

Bolide 1

An Impactor in general is
  • A large meteoroid, asteroid or comet causing an impact event.

Nova Science Publishers has over the past several decades increasingly become a global publishing impactor for the world of academic science.

For my 1st Bolide (extremely bright meteor exploding in the atmosphere) I wish to introduce the forthcoming volume:

Wildfires: Prevention, Management and Environmental Effects” edited by Prof. Manuel Esteban Lucas Borja.

Because of a serious increase extreme wildfire conditions US Senator Mitt Romney has introduced new legislation aimed at improving the control of wildfires.

A chapter in the volume by Richard Amoroso, Director of the Noetic Advanced Studies Institute is noted:

Hypoxic Wildfire Suppression: An Imminent Directed Energy Beam (DEB) Technology. 

The following is an excerpt from his abstract.