The gut-flora and ‘personal Finance’

The journey towards a healthy gut microbiota parallels that of a sound investment strategy.

Diversification is first such principle which has much significance in our journey to healthy gut microbiota as it has in personal finance. Just like a diversified portfolio keeps you covered for all the market conditions, a diverse diet is required for healthy gut bacteria. Diet can be made diverse by including multiple whole-grain cereals in the diet and eating the unprocessed whole fruits and vegetables according to the season.

Persistence is the second such key principle. As you need to invest regularly  in your journey towards wealth, you need to continually work on your gut microbiota or health. Healthy gut microbiota is a precursor to physical as well as mental well being.

Simplicity is the third principle which can bring you both great wealth as well as gut bacteria. If you can keep things simple, you can be persistent. No fancy diets, no super foods just simple wholesome diverse diet as per your local food tradition.

These time tested financial principles can go a long way in keeping your gut health and diverse.