The Flood Psychology

Noah’s flood accompanied by the deterioration of the human spirit during that time, as intellectual chaos took an original form, this flood came as a reaction to the inconsistency with the natural law. But Noah found himself safe in the eyes of God, and his construction of the boat was not a defensive mechanism against fear, but rather a suggestion of his God for the purist election …

Today, this inconsistency is embodied in the worst images and maybe some people justify these manifestations as a kind of misfortune, but it is, in reality, a departure from the original truth, that is “human being should be a reflection of God’s spirit” and in the word reflection lies the real freedom from limited dimensions, it is simply spreading good, love, and beauty, and every pure meaning gives tranquility for being.

Many philosophers have asked the deep question about life: Do you want to live the whole life avoiding the Flood, or you may force yourself to build a boat, or your choice will be to accept the reality of the Flood as an urgent need of election.

The answer to this question is closely related to the psychological identity that is dearly determined by needs. So does a person need to be safe from danger by avoiding its occurrence, or does he need sensory evidence (such as a boat) that make him stronger than danger, or does he need to live free,  knowing that the best need is freedom, especially if it is freedom from fear itself?