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I am very happy cooperating with Nova Science Publishers

I am pleased to note that the book titled Global Management and Geo-Spatial Information System Applications has arrived safely to me. Thank you very much.

I would like to take this advantage to express my personal gratitude to all members of the Nova Science Publishers Inc. team. I have to indicate that Nova Science Publishers, Inc. is a Home with an open door for everyone, giving opportunities to share knowledge and experiences, demonstrating high content and performance quality. Thank you very much to the great team at Nova Science Publishers for your support and encouragement. I am wishing you all the best in your future developments. I assure you that I am very happy cooperating with Nova Science Publishers, Inc. I am a reliable author for you forever.

Cordially yours,

P.S. Please share this message with all staff at Nova Science Publishers.

I would certainly recommend this Publisher

Working with the Nova Science Publishers’ team on preparing the Book’s material was a professional, very dedicated, meticulous cooperation and precious experience for me as an Editor. We succeeded in building a relationship full of mutual trust, that resulted in a fabulous Book that any medical professional would like to have on it’s shelf (being it doctor, dentist, veterinarian or pharmacist). I would certainly recommend this Publisher. They are first class when it comes to the review process and all the necessary implied efforts to comply with Editors’ demands.

Dr. Ivana Vranic, Editor
Hertz Clinic

I have been impressed by the professionalism of Nova

I have been impressed by the professionalism of Nova.

All the members of Nova that I have been in contact with have been considerate, careful and professional.

It is so nice to have worked with Nova and to have got known of all of you.

Liu Guoning
School of Mechanical Engineering
Zhengzhou University
P R China

Nova Publishers is the best, great, amazing

Nova Publishers is the best, great, amazing. You and your team are my heroes 😉 I am very happy. Your news produce an incredible stimulation.

Daniel Patón Domínguez
Numerical Ecology, Ecology Unit
Department of Plant Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences
Faculty of Sciences. University of Extremadura Avda, Badajoz (Spain)

NOVA Publishers is a brand name for all prospective authors

It’s been a pleasant journey for me during the publication process and promoting my book with your house. I found your publication process very professional and organized, which really helped my book get wider exposure.

Wish you all the best . NOVA Publishers is a brand name for all prospective authors. Please convey thanks and gratitude to your team members.

Mohd. Aminul Karim
Author of 21st Century High Politics in the Indo-Pacific and the Bay of Bengal

NOVA always treated me very well, with great kindness, cordiality and efficiency

I’ve been working with Nova Science Publishers for many years. In all this time, the staff of this Publishing House has always treated me very well, with great kindness, cordiality and efficiency. I can say that it is very good to work with them.

Katia Denise Saraiva Bresciani, PhD

I am glad to be part of the publication

I am happy to inform you that I have just collected a copy of the book – Religion Past, Present and Future Perspectives. I wish to use this forum to acknowledge the timely and incisive publication of the book. The book makes a valuable contribution to the role of religion in the past and its relevance in contemporary time. It also features the role religion is expected to play in the future in all facets of human endeavours. Finally, the book showcases the relationship of religion, spirituality and the sciences.

I am glad to be part of the publication.

Thank you.
Dr. Adebayo, R.I.

We are very delighted to publish our work with NOVA Science Publishers

Thank you very much for kind cooperation and I am looking forward to receiving the books. We are very delighted to publish our work with NOVA Science Publishers,and thank you again for your kindness. It will be a great contribution to the scientific world, particularly in the biliary and pancreatic field.

Yasuni Nakanuma, MD

It was a pleasure to work with Nova’s team

Working with Nova Publishers has been an excellent experience. Since the day I submitted my text to the end of the publishing process the communication with the journal’s team so organized! I always got information about what I was supposed to do in order to collaborate with the editors. It helped me to focus on the ideas and arguments I was willing to articulate in the text while being oriented by the schedule and kindly directions I always got from Nova’s team. So, the book now under publication is the result of a lot of dialog and hard work of writers and publishers. I would like to thank you for sending me the complementary eBook. Congratulations for you and all the team involved in the publishing process, you have done a wonderful work. The book’s contents are interesting and the design is fantastic.

It was a pleasure to work with you. I hope we will have other opportunities to work together again shortly.


Rosemyriam Cunha
Department of Music Therapy
University of the State of Paraná – Campus II
Curitiba, Brazil

A special thank you

I have recently written a chapter for an edited volume published by Nova. The editor took care of all the details and, therefore, I was not directly involved in the publication process. Therefore, when it came to writing and publishing my own book, I was impressed by the smoothness of the publication process and the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. My thanks go to Mrs. Carra Feagaiga, Mr, Mike Gerver, Mrs. Trish Worthington and Mrs. Lisa Gambino. A special thank you to Mrs. Nadya Columbus, whom I consider directly responsible for such a high level of efficiency.

Kindest regards,
George F. Steiner
Independent researcher (IFIRAR)
Associate researcher (Negev Rock Art Center)