The Caspian is much more than “Mud Volcanoes.”

Mud Volcanoes – are they real? This debate sparked across social media platforms the same day America celebrated its birthday this year on July 4th, 2021. Miles eastward, an explosion took place about ten km from the Umid gas field located in the Azeri region of the Caspian Sea. The debate that whether or not […]

Research Focus and Publications

The Americas’ Multi-Polar Displacements as A New Pattern in Haitian-French Guyanese Migrations Romanovski Zephirin* ABSTRACT Migration shifts over time. The attractive immigration policy of French Guyana, which allowed Haitians to migrate in the early 1970s, was changed into a repulsive one in the mid-1980s. This dramatic change modifies migrants’ linear trajectories from the Haitian departure […]