Zoonomia. Volume I: The Laws of Organic Life


Erasmus Darwin, M.D.

Series: Animal Science, Issues and Research
BISAC: SCI070000

This 2 volume set is written by the grandfather of Charles Darwin. The purpose of the books is to reduce the facts belonging to animal life into classes, orders, genera, and species; and, by comparing them with each other, to unravel the theory of diseases.
(Imprint: SNOVA)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


SECT. I. Of Motion.

II. Explanations and Definitions.

III. The Motions of the Retina demonstrated by Experiments.

IV. Laws of Animal Causation.

V. Of the four Faculties or Motions of the Sensorium.

VI. Of the four Classes of Fibrous Motions.

VII. Of Irritative Motions.

VIII. Of Sensitive Motions.

IX. Of Voluntary Motions.

X. Of Associate Motions.

XI. Additional Observations on the Sensorial Powers.

XII. Of Stimulus, Sensorial Exertion, and Fibrous Contraction.

XIII. Of Vegetable Animation.

XIV. Of the Production of Ideas.

XV. Of the Classes of Ideas.

XVI. Of Instinct.

XVII. The Catenation of Animal Motions.

XVIII. Of Sleep.

XIX. Of Reverie.

XX. Of Vertigo.

XXI. Of Drunkenness.

XXII. Of Propensity to Motion. Repetition. Imitation.

XXIII. Of the Circulatory System.

XXIV. Of the Secretion of Saliva, and of Tears. And of the Lacrymal Sack.

XXV. Of the Stomach and Intestines.

XXVI. Of the Capillary Glands, and of the Membranes.

XXVII. Of Hemorrhages.

XXVIII. The Paralysis of the Lacteals.

XXIX. The Retrograde Motions of the Absorbent Vessels.

XXX. The Paralysis of the Liver.

XXXI. Of Temperaments.

XXXII. Diseases of Irritation.

XXXIII. —— of Sensation.

XXXIV. —— of Volition.

XXXV. —— of Relation.

XXXVI. The Periods of Diseases.

XXXVII. Of Digestion, Secretion, Nutrition.

XXXVIII. Of the Oxygenation of the Blood in the Lungs and Placenta.

XXXIX. Of Generation.

XL. Of Ocular Spectra.


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