Zeolites in Medicine: Current Achievements and Research of Zeolites in Medicine


Kresimir Pavelic and Sandra Kraljevic Pavelic
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Medical Faculty, Pula, Croatia
University of Rijeka, Department of Biotechnology, Rijeka, Croatia

Series: New Developments in Medical Research
BISAC: MED014000



The presented book is an easy-to-read and understandable text for experts in the medical field that are not familiar with the inorganic zeolite materials. The book is mostly meant as a guideline to doctors, pharmacists, medical professionals and general public who do not have deep knowledge on zeolites and on potential of zeolites’ medical applications. The concepts and facts presented in the book are a comprehensive general compilation of data from available scientific literature focused on results from experiments with different zeolite materials on animals and humans. Some relevant topics covered within the book include clinoptilolite safety and toxicology in vivo and zeolite usage in animals and humans for detoxification purposes.

Zeolites’ effects in vivo may be attributed to their specific structural properties, which make them interesting in a number of potential medical applications described in the book as well. Given that these materials are fascinating natural creations that are acknowledged as essential in many aspects of our lives, the purpose of this book is to present a collection of scientific facts about zeolites, to encourage medical professionals and scientists to seriously consider and study their applications in vivo to speed-up their usage in medicine as well as for improved human wellbeing.
(Imprint: Nova Medicine and Health)

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