Young, Violent and Dangerous to Know


Michael Fitzgerald
Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Dublin, Ireland

Series: Psychiatry – Theory, Applications and Treatments
BISAC: MED105000

While murder is a matter of serious concern to the community, serial killing is a matter of even greater concern. Serial killers have baffled the public and professionals for hundreds of years. This book attempts to increase our understanding of serial killers. Fitzgerald suggests that Autistic Psychopathy may underlie some of these serial killers.

He suggests a new diagnostic Criminal Autistic Psychopathy, which he identifies as a subcategory of Asperger’s syndrome. This has had a far greater explanatory power than previously realised. Persons with callous, unemotional traits – often called empathy deficits – are very much associated with Autistic Psychopathy. This book offers insight of the dynamics associated with this pathological personality and how the individual’s criminality affects our society and its victims. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Young, Violent, and Dangerous to Know: The Brain of the Serial Killer (pp. 1-2)

Chapter 2. Autistic Psychopathology (pp. 3-12)

Chapter 3. General Psychopathy and Criminal Autistic Psychopathy (pp. 13-31)

Chapter 4. Asperger’s Syndrome/Criminal Autistic Psychopathy and Violence (pp. 33-39)

Chapter 5. Criminal Autistic Psychopathy and General Psychopathy as a Disorder of Self (pp. 41-44)

Chapter 6. Psychological Aspects of (Autistic) Psychopathy (pp. 45-53)

Chapter 7. Brain/Psychopathy/Autistic Psychopathy (pp. 55-70)

Chapter 8. Evil and Ethics (pp. 71-72)

Chapter 9. Dopamine other Neurochemicals, Hormones, and Cross Cultural Issues (pp. 73-81)

Chapter 10. Serial Killers (pp. 83-92)

Chapter 11. Female Serial Killers are Rare (pp. 93-96)

Chapter 12. Treatment of Incarceration? (pp. 97-100)

Chapter 13. Case Histories of Male Serial Killers and Criminal Autistic Psychopathy (pp. 101-156)

Chapter 14. Case Histories of Female Killers (pp. 157-162)

Chapter 15. Conclusion (pp. 163-164)

Additional Tables (pp.165-168)

Glossary (pp.169-178)

References (pp.179-196)

Index (pp. 197-210)


“Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Timothy McVeigh, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Mr. Spock are some of the personalities readers will encounter in Michael Fitzgerald’s book Young, Violent and Dangerous to Know. Autism, psychopathy, and autistic psychopathy are some of the main concepts that are presented in the book. Indeed, serial killers and autism are possibly two of the hottest topics in mainstream media today.” READ MORE…Dr. Leafar F. Espinoza

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