Young People, Adults and Autism Spectrum Disorder


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Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong disorder. Autism represents a difference in the style of thinking and information processing from that typically experienced. As thinking and information processing is intimately linked with behaviour the symptoms, or behavioural expression, of autism change as people move from childhood into adulthood. This book explores the challenges for the minority group of people with autism as they live amongst the numerically dominant population of typical thinkers in a society largely structured around typical thinking. Anxiety is commonly experienced but not labeled by people with autism. Consequently self-monitoring does not occur and anxiety pushes the person into over regulated patterns of behaviour at the very time flexibility is required. The experiences of tertiary study, work, negotiating intimate relationships, staying healthy, leisure and aging are discussed outlaying common challenges and strategies of support. (Imprint: Nova Medicine and Health)

Book Reviews

“Andrew writes with maturity and understated authority. He boldly raises, elegantly explores and comfortably contains the big issues. He unpacks for the reader a clear understanding of the complexities of human behaviour, emotion and thought, and the core challenges in these areas for those on the autism spectrum. His depth of historical knowledge is clearly apparent, and he applies these insights skilfully. Combining this with research evidence, he imparts a gift to the reader of a deep and well-grounded understanding. I would highly recommend this book to those who seek a deeper awareness of issues critical to the lives of adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum.” – Professor Julian Trollor MD FRANZCP, Chair, Intellectual Disability Mental Health, and Head, Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry, School of Psychiatry, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

“There have been very few books that give an overview of the experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder in adolescence and adulthood. This small but comprehensive book does just that. The reader is left with a clear picture of the challenge of living with autism in a world that has been designed around typical thinking, a world that requires constant adaptation and nimble adjustment to change. From the limited research that exists in the area of adolescence and adulthood, the outcomes are laid out for those with autism in terms of health, employment, relationships and independent living. It has been known for a long time in the physical world that healthy systems are dynamic and overly regulated systems are unhealthy. They have low levels of resilience. The author writes in a thorough and engaging manner about the overly regulated way of being that is characteristic of autism and about the impact of this on adaptation. This book is a must read for parents of people with autism and other people who care for and interact with those with autism.” – James Yorke PhD, Distinguished University Research Professor of Maths and Physics, University of Maryland, USA


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