World Heart Research Yearbook. Volume 2


Franz Halberg (Editor)
Halberg Chronobiology Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Ram B. Singh (Editor)
International College of Cardiology, Halberg Hospital and Research Institute, India
The Tsim Tsoum Institute, Krakow, Poland

Series: Cardiology Research and Clinical Developments
BISAC: MED010000

This yearbook presents important research in the field of cardiovascular research from around the world. Particular emphasis is placed on circadian medicine and its relationship to cardiovascular events as well as other new areas such as gene therapy in heart disease. This book begins with a piece dedicated to the former editor of Cardiology and head of that specialty at the Mayo Clinic, followed by a consensus directed by a board member of the World Health Organization (also a minister of health) with a university president. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical )

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. In Memoriam- Howard Burchell:
Lifetime Chronobiologically-Interpreted (C-) ABPM for Strain Assessment for Everybody With Diagnostic Dividends
(Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornélissen and Othild Schwartzkopff)

2. Extended Consensus on Need and Means to Detect Vascular Variability Disorders (VVDs) and Vascular Variability Syndromes (VVSs)
(Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornélissen, Kuniaki Otsuka, Jarmila Siegelova, Bohumil Fišer, Jiří Dušek, Pavel Homolka, Salvador Sánchez de la Peña, R.B. Singh and the BIOCOS Project)

3. Involvement of the Mitochondrial ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channel in the Beneficial Effects of Fasting on the Ischemic-Reperfused Rat Heart
(M.G. Marina Prendes, M.S. González, R. Hermann, N.G. Pascale, M.E. Torresín, M.M. Jaitovich, E.A. Savino and A. Varela)

4. Troponin T: Newer Magnetic Immunoassay Method of Troponins as Point-of-Care Detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction
(R. Sharma)

5. Prevalence and Prevention of Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Artery Disease in India: A Scientific Statement of the Indian Society of Hypertension, International College of Nutrition and International College of Cardiology
(R.B. Singh, N.K. Singh, S. Vajpeyee, S.M. Alam, K.K. Tripathi, R.K. Srivastav, S.S. Rastogi, R.K. Goyal, M.E. Yeolekar, G.S. Sainani, V. Shantaram, Daniel Pella, Fabien De Meester, T.K. Basu, Lech Ozimek)

6. Super Foods Dietary Approaches for Acute Myocardial Infarction?
(Ram B. Singh, Jan Fedacko, Daniel Pella, Fabien De Meester, Mahmood Moshiri and Wafaa El Aroussy)

7. High Resolution Sodium MRI Imaging of the Human Heart: What Outcome We Can Get?
(Rakesh Sharma and Jose Katz)

8. Troponin T: A Search of Superparamagnetic Iron-Oxide Bound Antitroponin Nanoparticle for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(Rakesh Sharma)

9. How Nutrient and Nutraceuticals Modulate Genetic Expressions in Cardiovascular Disease?
(Jan Fedacko, Viola Vargoa, R.B. Singh, Fabien De Meester, Daniel Pella and Lekh R. Juneja)

10. Body Composition and Cardio-Vascular Status of Indian School Going Girls
(Anindita Mandal (Majee))

11. Statin, A Two Edged Sword: Benificial Adverse Effects?
(R.B. Singh, S. Chaithiraphan, Jan Fedacko, Viola Vargova, Brian Tomlinson and Fabien De Meester)

12. PPAR-γ Agonists Vs Glipizide: A Comparative Evaluation on Markers of Endothelial Dysfunction and Angiogenesis in North Indian Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Cardiovascular Complications (Manish Mishra, Hemant Kumar, Deepa Pokharia, Awadhesh Kumar Arya, Surabhi Bajpai, Rakesh Kumar Singh and Kamlakar Tripathi)

13. Hip Fractures, Osteoporosis and Vascular Disease
(Kumar Kartikey, Garima Singh and Brijesh Kidyore)

14. Association of Increased Mortality with Overweight and Obesity Among Urban Decendents in North India, Dying Due to Various Causes (Viola Vargova, Ram B. Singh, Surendra Singh, Vijendra Singh, Shallendra K. Kulshresth, Jan Fedacko and Daniel Pella)

15. Measuring Mental Strain by Duration of Blood Pressure Overswing (CHAT): Case Report (Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornélissen, Francine Halberg, Terry Kessler and Kuniaki Otsuka)

16. Do We Need Statins Therapy Right After Birth and Infancy?
(Jan Fedacko, Ram B Singh, Fabien De Meester, and Agnieska Wilczynska)

17.Can Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids Modulate Fetuin-A Protein?
(R. B. Singh, Fabien DeMeester, Daniel Pella, Tapan K. Basu, Ronald Ross Watson)

18. The Storyline of Major Bleeding in Acute Coronary Syndrome: Ongoing Dilemma
(Douraid K. Shakir and Jassim Al Suwaidi)

19. Association of Inflammation, Heavy Meals, Magnesium, Nitrate and Coenzyme Q10 Deficiency and Circadian Rhythms, With Risk of Acute Coronary Syndromes (Ram B. Singh, Jan Fedacko, Jagdish P. Sharma,
Viola Vargova, Rakesh Sharma, M. Moshiri, Fabien De Meester and Kuniaki Otsuka)

20. PEFR and Selected Cardiovasular Measurements in Thalassemic Major Patients in West Bengal, India: A Pilot Study
(Anindita Mandal (Majee) and Rumila Majumder)

21. Echocardiographic Evaluation of Left Ventricular Performance In Essential Hypertension (Anil Kumar Pandey, Asim Das, G. Bhavani and Shailendra K. Vajpeyee)

22. Cardiology in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: A Great Oasis Literally and Figuratively
(Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornélissen, Taha M. Abahreh, Tomoshige Kino and Othild Schwartzkopff)

23. Vascular Variability Disorders in the Middle East: Case Reports
(Abdullah A. Al-Abdulgader, Germaine Cornélissen Guillaume and Franz Halberg)

24. Cusum-Assessed Personalized Hyptensive Treatment Surveillance
(D.W. Wilson, F. Halberg, G. Cornélissen, Y. Watanabe and A.P.S. Hungin)

25. Coenzyme Q10 in Hypertension
(Jan Fedacko, Mahmood Moshir and R.B. Singh)

26. The Liver-Pancreas and the Brain Connection in the Pathogenesis of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
(Ram B Singh, Fabien De Meester, Agnieska Wilczynska, Douglas W. Wilson and Amritpal P. Hungin)

27. Obesity and Physical Activity in Health and Deseases?
(Jan Fedacko, Mahmood Moshiri, Ram B. Singh, Daniel Pella, Radzhesh K. Agarval, Rajendra Dhabi and Chibisov Sergei)


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