Women and War: Opening Pandora’s Box – Intimate Relationships in the Shadow of Traumatic Experiences


Marie-Claire Patron – Bond University, Robina, Australia
Roni Wildeboer – Artists for Orphans, Inc., Australia
Ami Rokach, PhD Psychologist, York University, Toronto, Canada

Series: The World of Psychology: Therapeutic, Relational, Teaching
BISAC: PSY022040

War and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder go, unfortunately, hand in hand. And war seems to be raging around us, no matter where we are on the Globe. Commonly, the scientific literature addresses the trauma suffered by those who directly experienced the war, meaning the soldiers. The literature has not, adequately, addressed the effects that war has on those who did not participate in it, but who live with those who did. The family members, mainly the spouses, who welcome the soldiers back to everyday life, and who consequently experience secondary trauma, related to the damaging effects that the war had on those who experienced it firsthand.

The book brings a firsthand account of women [spouses and children] who met their traumatized husband when he returned from the battleground, and attempted to integrate into a society that does not understand what they went through, and thus is not supportive of them. Some chapters describe the experiences of such a woman, and how she either triumphed despite very difficult and unfavorable home conditions or, on the other hand, remained traumatized. Other chapters recount struggles to survive during and post- WWII, offering alternate perspectives whilst the overarching theme of pain and suffering is ubiquitous. Some chapters have an academic focus, examining critical issues pertaining to this book. Finally, chapters end with a commentary, by a clinical psychologist, of the women, their experiences, the effects on their lives, and what helped them triumph, or not. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Marie-Claire Patron, PhD (Bond University, Australia)

Chapter 1. Post-Traumatic Relationship Syndrome: The Unwelcomed Effects of War on Intimate Partners
Ami Rokach, PhD (York University, Canada, The Center for Academic Studies, Israel, and Walden University, USA)

Chapter 2. The Secret Lives of Veterans and their Wives
Roni Wildeboer (Artists for Orphans, Inc., Australia)

Chapter 3. Pandora’s Box: Hope and the Impacts of War
Marie-Claire Patron, PhD (Bond University, Australia)

Chapter 4. Dust of Life
Lan (Australia)

Chapter 5. Seeds of War
Kate Mulvany (Australia)

Chapter 6. A Duty of Care: Rationalizing Compassion and Cruelty through Women’s Experiences of War
Michelle McLean, PhD, Anne Spooner, MBBS, and Sally Sargeant, PhD (Bond University, Australia)

Chapter 7. The Beautiful Vietnamese Dolls in Ao Dai
Dianne Klimpsch (Australia)

Chapter 8. Against all Odds: A Tale of Stress, Trauma and Support
Arlette Patron (Australia)

Chapter 9. Memories of My Father
Beverly Cooper (Australia)

Chapter 10. A Loving Triumph Over the Ravages of War
Marie-Claire Patron, PhD (Bond University, Australia)

Chapter 11. A Faith that Spread like Wildfire
Farnaz Famouri-Springer (Bond University, Australia)

Chapter 12. Mothers in War, Daughters in Peace: The Intergenerational Aftermath of War
Tina Swan, Tran (Tuyet-Hoa, Vietnam)

Chapter 13. The Unsung Heroines of the French Résistance
Marie-Claire Patron, PhD (Bond University, Australia)

Chapter 14. Distant Voices
Hope White (Australia)


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