Wilsonianism and Other Visions of Foreign Policy


Anthony J. Eksterowicz and Glenn P. Hastedt (Editors)
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, USA

Series: Presidency in the United States, Political Leaders and Their Assessment

The introduction and ten articles comprising this book represent the work of participants in a conference held at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library (WWPL) in Staunton, Virginia, in April 2010 on the topic “World of Power/World of Law: Wilsonianism and Other Visions of Foreign Policy.” These contributions stand on their own as examples of fine scholarship about an important topic. As a whole, this book also forms part of a larger tradition of research and scholarship about President Wilson that dates to the year 2000, when the WWPL produced the first of five national symposia. A brief history of these symposia provides a context for understanding the present book and the importance of current scholarship about Woodrow Wilson as we approach the centennial of his election to the presidency in 2012. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(Joel Hodson)

(Theodore Carter Delaney)

Chapter 1. Wilsonian Foreign Policy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
(Walter Russell Meade)

Chapter 2. The Rooseveltian Tradition: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and George W. Bush
(Thomas Bruscino)

Chapter 3. Wilsonian Governance at Home and Abroad: A Comparative Analysis
(Brian J. Cook)

Chapter 4. The Wilsonian Chimera: Why Debating Wilson’s Vision Hasn’t Saved American Foreign Relations
(Stephen Wertheim)

Chapter 5. A Strange Fate: Quincy Wright and the Trans-War Trajectory of Wilsonian Internationalism
(Trygve Throntveit)

Chapter 6. Race and Representation: Japan and the Limits of a Wilsonian Democratic Peace
(Robert G. Kane)

Chapter 7. Scientific Racism and Self-Determination: The Case of Austria-Hungary
(Nicole M. Phelps)

Chapter 8. President Wilson and the International Origins of the Federal Reserve System – A Reappraisal
(Miklos Sebok)

Chapter 9. Woodrow Wilson and Literature on Political Science
(Glenn Hastedt)

Chapter 10. What Was Wilson Thinking? A Review of Recent Literature on Wilsonian Foreign Policy
(Trygve Throntveit)

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